Don't believe I blogged about this.

I haply agreed to go skydiving with my friend earlier this year. Little did I know, she was damn serious. Next, I found myself with a 6ft guy strapped to my back and free-falling 14,000ft. I ate a lot of clouds.

I'm gonna be cliched and say that it was the most amazing experience I've encountered thus far. I was literally flying for god sake!

Would I do it again? Yes. Did my ear drums feel like they were about to burst because I didn't blow my ears when my instructor told me to? Yes. Did I open my mouth a little too wide during the free fall and end up having bits of condensed spit around my mouth? Yes.  Worth it.

What's next in the books for Lily? Bungee? target shooting? tattoo? hot air ballooning? Who knows.

I used:

Sydney Skydivers


  1. woooooooooo that's cool! i will try it too, one day! :P


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