Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nourishing Quarter - Surry Hills

If you know me, you'd know how much I love my meat. My old roomie has been meaning to take me to this vegan place, I was never convinced. In fact, I even tried to get out of it a few times.

But uh....


I'm so glad I went. I can't think of a single con (maybe except for the fact that they over charged us for the cake.. i think it's only meant to be $5.5), worth dinning, good food, great service. Will return.

Quinoa noodle salad; Entree size

Sacred Khot 5 for $13 (I think)

Passage to India; Entree size

Raspberry & Lemon Cheesecake $13.5


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  1. Great photos! The food is pretty no doubt and well-portioned. What was on the quinoa noodle salad - tofu strips? I'd like to try the curry too!

    1. Yes they are fried tofu strips on them and you should definately try the curry, its yum

  2. I have to try Sacred Khot at some point looks awesome, hope it tastes about the same. That is one fancy looking tea set, you never seem to get very fancy tea sets when you eat out so much these days.
    You will soon join the ranks of such vegetarians as these:
    It's really hard to believe Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian isn't it? though he was.


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