Cafe Ish - Surry Hills

Chai Latte
My apologies, once again... no idea why the above picture is up-right... blogspot must really hate me. I've been drinking quite a few chai lattes as of late. Cafe Ish amazed me... REAL chai leaves brewed in a small tea pot of latte. I quite liked it. Irrespective of my incoherence... a quarter of my latte went on my dress. As Lauren quite often say, "Can't take you anywhere".

Crab Omlette
Crab omelette, kara-age soft shell crab, avocado and shallots, garlic, chilli, soy, ginger dressing $16.5
We are too reliant on Urbanspoon... but this was the outcome of our research, crab omlette. I quite like my soft shell crabs and my love affair with eggs is no secret. Maybe it's because I had a long night, this oily thing sat nicely in my tummy. It was delish. A hint of sweetness from the sauce combined with the crunchiness of the crabs = a heavenly meal. The avocado was quite creamy and "re-freshing"... the omlette... well it's an omlette... you can't go wrong with omlette-s. I'm not convinced by ginger, but it suited this dish fairly nicely, it wasn't over-powering but taste-able. I like balance. Probably wouldn't be able to eat this whole or all to myself, a bit too heavy. I recommend this as a sharing dish.

Ai's Freaking Awesome Fried Chicken

Ai’s freaking awesome fried chicken- vinegar, shallot & garlic sauce $14.5
We were keen to try the wagyu ribs, but apparently it's no longer a part of their menu... so we settled for some freaking awesome fried chicken! Alas, the name did not lie, it was some bloody good chicken. Interesting combo, sweet-ish, sour with the kind of fried dried up garlic from migoreng. Chicken was succulent, with a crunchy batter. Oh, this only came in "sets"--- as in a side of rice and miso soup. Wasn't too big on the miso soup they served.. it was a little bitter.

Cafe Ish... I'm impressed... Look forward to my next visit as I drop your cutlery and spill your lattes :)

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