Zumbo - The Star

I was quite the Masterchef fanatic, eventually I jumped on the Zumbo bandwagon. Until I get a car, Balmain will have to wait.

I accidentally ended up at The Star (Star City, I know, what a wanky new name) with a friend one night. Gotta say, the new place is intricately renovated, attracting an abundant tourists, wankers and Godsford skirt lass'.
It was to my ardent surprise to see a sign indicating "Zumbo" is straight ahead. We literally pranced towards the store and looked into the glass window. Too bad it was closed.

Out of curiosity I went back some other night and picked up some of his infamous macarons.

5 for $12.50

Thanks to my flawless memory I won't be able to tell you the flavours... other than the green one is milo and one of the yellow is salted butter caramel.

To be honest.... don't understand the hype. They tasted like the ones I had at David Jones food hall... plus, didn't even have pistachio.. what  let down. They were overly sweet for my palette and definitely not value for money. Flavours were lacking, combination was less than impressive. The size of the macaron is about a quarter of my palm... and I have small hands. Mediocre for a hefty price tag.

Sorry Zumbo, won't be re-purchasing your no more than average rons. However, an old friend always told me to give everything and everyone the benefit of doubt. I may give his other desserts a go at his Balmain store.

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