Don't ask me stupid questions.

Before I became a hardcore recruiter I was socially awkward.

I recall attending one particular interview for a low-budget, mediocre accessory store. The Snooki prototype store manager took me to the secluded, shady part of the food court and the ...cognitive rape... I mean interview commenced...

"So, Lily.. tell me about yourself"


*Shit. Tell her about myself quick quick, think of something, bloody helll THINK THINK THINK something about me uhhh... Ok, we got this in the bag.. nah. fuck it, I got nothing.*

-------------------------------------30seconds later----------------------------------------------------------

 "Um... My name is Lily"

"Ok....Well tell me about what you are doing at the moment"

"Studying B.psych...Looking for a part time job and now I'm sitting here."

"So you're studying, but tell me about you"

"Right, umm... I play a few instrument, I like films, art, travel, some sports.... I went and sawGunther Von Hagen's exhibition last week"

"Great, what exhibition was it?"

"The human body. He invented plastination; human anatomy preservation. Lots of cadavers.. some were sliced some were skinned, some body parts were severed."

".... that sounds... interesting. Was that for study?"


Obviously I didn't' get hired.


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