My first baby shower + 2012 Mardi Gras

I know, I can't stay away from this place, I can't I can't I just can't, I think my sanity feeds off this place.
I'm feeling rather shitty and a little "blergh" right now, I'm not looking forward. I listened to Justin Bieber, I'm ashamed, that's classified insane right there. So I'm gonna post a blog and indulge in self importance for a second. Ah, blog you're my true friend.

I spend 2 hours trekking through the west of Sydney (namely Liverpool) after work in order to attend my first baby shower! My second time down that neck of the woods. Things I do man...

It was quite fun, even though we missed out on the first half I was fortunate enough to participate in the blindfold-yourself-and-feed-your-partner-baby-food-contest. I'm a pro and spilling baby food all over myself while trying to shove an empty spoon down my partner's throat.
I enjoyed the baby shower, it kinda made me want a minion of my own... haha, I kid.

The cake!

Right after the baby shower, I spent another hour + 45mins transporting into the city. My intent was to go have a coffee and talk about statistics...but ended up at the Mardi Gras Parade, smooth transaction!
Pity we didn't have the best view and was soaked after standing in the rain for two hours, only to come home with bits of glitter and confetti stuck in my hair. Not to disregard the cute half naked boys shaking their booty to lady gaga and the fishnet dude being showered with much deserved attention and hi-fives from his fellow heterosexual peers. This was my second time at the Mardi Gras, I possess a fond memory of my first encounter. I was 8 and my father took me-- guess he wanted me to be in touch with my inner little boy. Experimental parenting never fails, I came out perfectly normal.

Above is my poor attempt to capture some of the parade (well, mainly the back of people's heads and umbrellas) on my phone.


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