Frango - Petersham

I'm incredibly stressed. I got up this morning and told my parents I don't want to do this anymore. They were very supportive and encouraging, they told me to toughen the fuck up, this is what life is all about, stick it up and get the hell on with it. We don't breed weaklings and didn't raise you to be a give upper.. hahaha, maybe not in those exact words. Tough love runs this household.

Anyway, I decided to be social and saw a friend yesterday. T and I ventured to Frango @ Petersham for a ridiculously early dinner at approximately 2.45PM. Unfortunately the kitchen wasn't open, so we ended up getting eat-in take-away food.

T just had lunch and said he wasn't hungry, but I disregarded that fact.. because when we eat we do it right, right?? I ended up ordering a whole chicken, large chips and a large greek salad. We polished it all off. Chicken was a bit dry.. no where near as great as night time service. 


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