It's a Fool Who Plays it Cool by Making his World a Little Colder

Rambling post. Not worth reading.

Lauren said I need to socialise, since I don't go out, I rarely make new friends.. and the only time I'd see/talk to my current friends is when they call me after a break up/death or have some social issues to discuss/require my Confucius advice. Since I don't really have anyone to annoy, I'll just annoy you blog. Anyway, I just came back from the airport and saw a close friend off... forever.

Bidding my farewell to people, story of my life. I felt a slight novel consternation, as she refuses to let go of my hands, tears trickling down her face and asked me how we were going to do this. I said to her, "Turn around, walk, keep walking and don't look back".

I'm not a stranger to goodbyes but perhaps the fact that so many people have left my bubble lately and I'm not exactly the most sociable character. If you keep digging, there's almost a slight void resting somewhere. hahaha. Shit, I'm going soft.

Well, instead of sitting around dwelling in self-pity and break down; every morning marks a beginning, you'll wake up tomorrow harder, faster, stronger. It's the only thing to do, it's the only thing you can do.

I guess I'm a fool.


  1. Greetings to all the lovely bloggers,i missed all of you !


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