Shiseido Perfect Mascara Defining Volume Review

Ahoy from the past! today is the month of May.. I'm prewriting a series of make up posts... gonna trial this "scheduling post" thing ... it's a win-win situation.. You guys get some shit to read, and I don't need to come here everyday picking my brains out.

I received a sample for this mascara a while ago.
Lets just say this tube of gold deserves a rave.

Lets look at the pros.

  • Keep your lashes curled, gives it a good lift
  • Waterproof, I walked around in pouring rain and my lashes were still perfect
  • Does not flake when you remove (A lot of the drugstore waterproof mascaras starts coming off in flakes when you apply make up remover)
  • Thickens, Lengthens, darkens... everything... just go listen to black eyed pea's Pump It
  • I've worn this baby to every crazy drunken party and slept in this mascara, I'd wake up the next morning.... guess what... perfecto. I don't even need to reapply. No smudge, no raccoon eyes, no flakes
  • Doesn't weigh your lashes down. 

Now the Cons
  • It is definitely harder to remove, but I've been using cybercolour and lancome make up remover with a cotton pad, press it against your lashes, it'll dissolve. How the hell do you expect a perfect waterproof mascara to be easily removed!? Get a better make up remover.
  •  It clumps a little bit, you gotta be careful with your application, be quick, it dries quickly once it's on your lashes.

RRP $50

Here's some pictures. I know my eye hair is thicker and darker than most, but I only curled it once SINGLE COAT APPLICATION GUYS... SINGLE COAT (no base, no nuttin'). GO OWN THIS TUBE! I'm DEFINITELY gonna try their nourishing base in conjunction with this tube of miracle.


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