Sunshine on a rainy day

Good morning blog world!

I'm shamelessly turning this into a Dear Diary thing.
I had such a wonderful sleep. We had a blackout last night and I had to wash myself in the dark, it wasn't too pleasing as most of the bodywash I attempted to squeeze into my palm went on the floor. I think I'll be coming here quite often since I'm recuperating from my social network addiction. damn Twitter. it's so interactive, it made me want to reply to every single twit I see in my feed.That reminds me of my swear ban in 07' followed by my Facebook ban back in 10', it was like quitting crack.

Oh, I went to Greenfield Bistro (I think that's the name) the other night, the barramundi was quite nice. I'm due to post some make up posts... I shall do that next month. Alright, time for anatomy!


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