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Chat Thai Westfield Sydney on UrbanspoonChat Thai Haymarket was my place to go for thai. My first visit to Chat Thai at Westfield was rather pleasant, generous serving and adequate customer service. Last week was a shocker. We wandered into the restaurant trying to catch a waiter's attention.. while they were too busy chatting among themselves. Few minutes later, we were finally seated.. on an outrageously dirty table.

Took us another 5 minutes to hail down a waitress to take our order. We asked her for some recommendations, her manner was stern and impatient.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of our main, it was a wet noodle dish... not too bad. After we finished, we waited around for dessert.. we waited for another 20 minutes attempting to hail down a waitress... 10 years later, our dessert finally arrived.

Above is the  Lodt Shong Singapore $4.50- coconut milk with silky pandan dumplings. It was probably one of the most delicious drinks I've had! I haven't had many thai or viet drinks.. I better brush up on that. Only excess.. too much ice!

My apologies, I don't know why blogspot publish some of my photos vertically.. obviously lacking intellect. Anyway. above is Khanom Buaing (I think it was $8.50 for four)- Sweet thin wafers filled with meringue and candied egg yolk (yellow) or candied herb and dried shrimps (red). Prefer the yellow ones, red was too sweet. It was "interesting", something that I'd only try once.

Overall.... service was absolutely terrible. Food didn't make up for it either. I definitely will not be returning. Chat Thai, fix your services at Westfield!!!



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