Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe - Darling Harbour

The place was packed at 10pm. We managed to score a corner.
Our mind exploded when we picked up the menu, not at the variety but at the hefty price tag. But when our delicacies arrived... it was probably worth it.

 100% Pure Pleasure $16
Belgian chocolate mousse with almond panna cotta and Guylian glaze.
Mousse delight with a spongy-muddy chocolate base. Raspberry coolie went well with the rich dark chocolate coating. Guylian glaze.. I assume is the red bits stuck on the side.. I thought it was praline at first, it was yummy but got stuck in my teeth.

Guylian Baked Chocolate Cake Approx $18
Moist rich Belgian chocolate cake with signature ganache served with a scoop of Belgian 65% chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate mud ganache, not too sweet not too bitter. Velvety ice cream, definitely full cream. I believe the white bits were honey comb.

Guylian Dark Chocolate Milk shake & Pistachio Milk Shake  $8

I had the pistachio, it was "interesting" I love pistachio but I don't how I feel about drinking it. Definitely better than Wendy's milkshakes...

That ended up costing us around $50... a nice burn in the wallet. Probably a once per year indulgence. Nothing particularly bad I can think of other than not having enough chairs and tables...

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