Museum of Contemporary Arts - The Rocks

This must be new, or I must be incredibly un-observant. My appreciation for arts has been greatly exhausted -- ever since I began to employ the method of "practicality". I'd look at most art and think .. "And this is useful Is this thing gonna toast my toast or brew my tea? How will this thing provide me food, shelter or transport me from point A to point B?!"

I've gone back to basics in Maslow's Hierarchy, and haven't really had the chance to indulge in any forms of higher order thinking.. other than figuring out the meaning of life is death, that the trivial matters don't haunt us, we are haunting the matters because everything is nothingness. So why not create and exist in realms of self-contentedness? And that's how self-actuali(ly)sation comes about.

Free entry, go for an "interesting" spin.

Again, I apologise for the poor quality photos.. after all, I do have a Samsung mobile.. do not fret, you'll meet my brand-spankin'-hand-me-down Nikon soon!


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