Charlie & Co - Westfield Sydney - Revisit

 Usually people throw bad apples away but I have this awful habit of keeping them and hoping in time they'd turn into a better apple. Also probably because it's Justin North's burger joint. Some changes to the menu, I think they got new waiters.

You can't go there without getting these. Texture of the chips were better than the ones at Jamie's Kitchen (which was oil soaked and a bit soggy-- but then again, a much prominent truffle flavour).

Good news, I won't be forking out $8 for expensive chips because the most incredible person in the world aka Neele bought me a bottle of truffle oil for my birthday--- she knows what a girl wants.

The classic fried chilli chicken burger $12

This is worse than uni food. Fried chicken my ass. Its as dry as my flaking skin during winter. Flavourless.

I won't be going back, unless I really feel like forking out $16 for a self-serve wagyu burger. This place is as over-rated as Jamie's Kitchen. Sorry guys.

Here's a link to my previous review on Charlie & Co. Click

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