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Hidden in Chinatown, this place is an absolute gem. I "accidentally" went in after been recommended meals by the hostess before a party. Food and service were beyond standards, I simply had to return, and I did.. on several occasions. This is the place to go to indulge in Indonesian food, uber friendly service and beautiful dining spaces.

Ayam Goreng Kalasan

This was delicious. I assume it was pigeon. Crunchy spicy batter, crisp skin. A bit over cooked, parts of the pigeon was a bit dry and stringy.

Sorry I can't remember the name of this dish. But it's some sort of Indonesian Croquette (without the beer batter) + sweet chili sauce... yummmm

Wrapped durian and cream. My first time trying Durian.. It was umm.. "interesting" it had this peculiar taste I couldn't shake. I don't think I'd try it again though, definitely an exotic fruit!

I love this place, however service is a little slow.. but I try to reason... good food times time :P
Gold standard service. Complimentary prawn crackers and fruit. I highly recommend you to dine here!

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  1. The decor here is great, but its non-street level location makes it easy to miss and ignore. The food is rather hit and miss though; I've had some delish food and some average dishes as well.


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