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This review is long over-due, however in order to test the effectiveness of an acne range, I decided to trial it for 2 months before a conclusion is determined. Before I go into the product review... let me tell you a little about my skin and acne, it's quite a personal experience.

My skin seems to be extremely dry and dehydrated at the same time. My nose gets a little bit oily after walking in the sun and being under air conditioning.

I've been battling minor to mild acne issues since I was a teenager. When I was 16, I thought my pimples would miraculously disappear when I hit my 20s. They didn't really go anywhere - it's depressing, but I just reminded myself that in a way pimples signify youth and I will be forever youthful.

My diet has been altered time and time again, I've been through detoxes, increased my water fruit and vegetable intake, being on antibiotics (which broke me out even more) and being on the pill for about 2 years

While "the pill" controlled my acne, I started to pile on weight, had no motivation to do anything and suffered horrendous mood swings (horrendous as in many plates were smashed). The pill seemed to demonstrate little side effects on others, but it was just a nightmare for me. With the added controversy of "the pill" increasing the risk of blood clots, and I know for a fact that "the pill" causes your uterus to age significantly (however it will recover after you've been off for a period of time).

I came off the pill after 2 years, my skin was fine with occasional minor break outs.

I'm not too sure what hormornal changes is happening in my body, but I had an awful break out approximately 2 months ago with pimples popping up like daisies. This is embarasing but I experienced some awful break-outs on my back. I had no idea how to get rid of it.


I was sent some SkinB5 products a while back, initially I planned on reviewing their Cleansing Mousse only. However, I quickly changed my mind after the break out. I usually do not take any tablets unless it's prescribed or general paracetamol. I was extremely hesitant on taking tablets from SkinB5 with a million questions running through my head "what is in the tablets?" "How will it affect my body?" "What are the side effects?" "Is it safe?".

After reading a few positive reviews from BeautyHeaven, I my fears subsided and I decided to give the tablets a go.

Product Benefits (From SkinB5's website)

  • Potent formula to help control more serious acne
  • Helps control skin oil production - suitable for acne sufferers with very oily skin
  • Supports skin healing and renewal
  • Supports healthy immune function
  • Provides powerful anti-blemish antioxidants
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Combine the revolutionary VitaminB5 with other selected powerful natural ingredients                                                     
  • VitaminB5 is proven to be effective at treating the production of Sebum, the main cause of acne breakouts.
  • Actually works! Already successfully treated thousands of acne sufferers across the globe.
  • Suitable for all ages and all levels of acne, including blackheads.
  • A breakthrough cure to treat acne and skin problems at the source. 

  • Not to mention, the whole range is Australian Made!

    What's in the tablets ?

    - Pathothenic Acid
    - Copper
    - Silicon
    - Vitamin A
    - Nicotinamide (Vit B3)
    - Folic Acid
    - Biotin
    - Vitex agnus castus extra equiv to dry fruit (in caplet only)

    The System

    For the first 3 or so weeks: 2 tablets, 3 times per day with food and water

    Once my break out calmed down, I switched to Acne Control Caplets for maintenance, 1 caplet, 3 times per day with food and water

    My Verdict
    • It worked. My acne was reduced significantly within the first week, it also prevented new and upcoming pimples. I did not experience any side effects as I did with "the pill" and antibiotics, no weight gain, no mood swings, no initial break outs. You will see the tablets take effect within days. It's been 2 months now and my face is now pimple free - however as previously mentioned my face wasn't my main concern, I only had a few pimples, my BACK was my concern. The pimples grew like colonies of termite. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the results (see pictures below). The pus-filled pimples diminished completely, all that's left is a bit of scarring.
    • The tablets are big I generally don't have any difficulty swallowing larger tablets, but for those who have general dislike who it comes to tablet swallowing, you can crush and mix the content with your smoothie. The caplets are a lot smaller.
    • No taste. Cold and flu tablets usually leave a bitter taste in my mouth, these won't.
    • It is extremely important that you do not miss your tablets within the first 8-10 days. Otherwise the effect may be delayed.
    • The foam cleanser worked well with my Shiseido cleansing brush. It doesn't quite rid all make up, as a result I got into the habit (a good habit) of double cleansing. I'd use a gel or cream cleanser to rid my makeup and use SkinB5's foam cleanser to go over my whole face, leaving my face squeaky clean. I have large pores and I feel that there will not be a product in the world that will be able to rid them. In the 2 months that I have been using this cleanser did not notice any significant pore reductions yet - I personally believe it will take a long time and continuous use for something like that to happen. If I do notice any changes in the future, I will add an edit.
    • The Acne Control Moisturiser is my favourite skincare product out of the kit. It's not a heavy moisturiser but boy it hydrates!! I personally feel this moisturiser is suitable for all skin types as it is not oily or greasy and it's easily absorbed. I often experience a serious case of moisturisers rolling into little balls after application (Does this happen to anyone else?)... espeically with Nivea moisturisers and some Bioderma. Since this moisturiser doesn't contain any SPF - I've been using it on weekends and days when I'm working from home. This cream can be used as a day or night cream.
    • The Purifying Mask worked nicely on my skin as well, I loved the texture, my skin did not feel dry nor did I experience any sensitivity. I actually prefer this more than my Alpha H clay mask.

    Before and After
    NOTE: I am still taking the caplets - like previously mentioned, I recently had colonies of pimples pop up on my back (sorry about the gross pictures), it's not everyday I show the world my bacne. Also consider the fact that I did get quite a bit of a tan from Port Douglas.

    Top pic before any Skinb5 tablet intake. Bottom pic is after 2 months of SkinB5 use/intake, there's only 1 more bumpy pimple left, the rest are scars (Yes, I did try to pick at then) that seems to be healing quite quickly.

    Overall.. really really really happy with SkinB5, the results knocked my socks off. I would highly recommend their range to any acne sufferers out there who doesn't want to be on the pill and find antibiotics useless. The before and after pic says it all!

    Those pictures took a little bit of courage to put up, I didn't speak to any of my closest friends about the recent outbreak of acne on my back, and now I'm publishing it online, haha oh man!


    Hopefully for those who are seeking a solution will find this post helpful :)

    *These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own


    1. I'm so happy you're healing. I know how it sucks. Thank you for reviewing this too. I think it seems like a really effective system without harsh side effects!

      1. I swear if it wasnt for the reviews on beautyheaven i may not have took the pills!

    2. Seems like it worked great for you! I've recently bought a skin b5 kit and was wondering what you did for your back; was that just the result of the tablets or did you apply cleanser/moisturiser as well?

      1. The tablets are far more effective. Skincare is good too but wont get rid of the pimples like the tablets

    3. So glad you wrote this review. i cant really find many reviews like yours. Im on my 3rd week now and boy can i notice a difference. I had serious doubts but so far so good!


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