Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection + Swatches

Nude lipsticks are one of the most elegant, chic and sophisticated shades in my books, my lips are quite pigmented so I never know which shade will suit me, hence, never purchased any nudes!!
Luckily, I now have an opportunity to test out 5 amazing shades from Rimmel London's Nude Collection by Kate Moss.

Kate Moss can pull off nude lips like no body's business, these chic shades were designed by Kate Moss herself, there's a nude shade for every skintone - delicate pinks, subtle apricots, cashmere beiges and rich toffee tones.

There are 5 shades to this collection..

#40 the lightest shade of the collection with a subtle pink undertone
#42 a gorgeous pale pink nude
#43 is described as a tan nude hue shade, a slight apricot colour
#45 subtle dusty rose pink
#48 a burnt toffee shade, in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous shade to give your lips some dimension and... pazzaz
Cost: $12.95 per lipstick from Priceline and $12.5 for Rimmel transparent lipliner
 My Verdict
  • The shades are absolutely gorgeous, I can wear all the colours with the exception of #40, it was incredibly pale in contrast to my olive complexion and made me look really washed out and ill. My lips are also naturally pigmented, so I had a little bit of trouble covering up my natural lip colour. It would look amazing on someone with a pink undertone and a pale complexion.
  • #42 is nice but a little bit pale for my liking, nonetheless it is still a very wearable shade. #43 is a clear favourite - the slight apricot shade complements olive skin really well. I personally feel #45 as a dusty pink shade, is a universal shade that would be suitable for all. #48 is another favourite... I can't go past a good burgandy shade.
  • These lipsticks are scented with a subtle sweet floral smell.
  • The texture is soft, smooth and deceivingly moisturising. Without lip balm, this lipstick seeped into the crack of my lips and really dried out my already dried lips. I would highly recommend generous coats of a good lip balm before application.
  • I did find these lipsticks to be long lasting, the colours remained for approximately 6-7 hours. After "careful"eating, a slight stain will remain on your lips.
  • Last but not least, the Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lip Liner (pic below).. this is a really clever product, it would be my go-to lip liner if I was in a hurry and cannot find the correct liner for my lip colour, OR if I'm traveling and decided to take a few different shades of lippies. However, I found that my lip tracing abilities with this liner is extremely poor, partly due to my lack of hand eye coordination and partly due it's transparent nature - BUT it doesn't matter, it's transparent.. you can dry it all over your face. Generally I like to apply lipliner AFTER my lipstick and use the liner to fix up my lips to give it a cleaner look with smoother edges (especially for darker shades) I probably won't be able to use this for my stated purpose on darker shades. Having said that, I could use this to fix up the light nude colours. 


I only put #40 and #48 lip swatches up, some how the other 3 shades looks pretty much the same in my photos. Refer to the arm swatch or the video below to see all products in action!

Video application

 *These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own

Are you a nude lipstick girl?


  1. With the exception of that lightest shade, they all look great on you! Loving the new hair too x

  2. Omg, love that you are doing videos, Lily!

  3. Great vid! Love the shades of the lippies. I think they all look great on you. But what really stand out for me is #48. I like it dark and bold.

  4. I love this whole range! I do find them a little drying on the lips, but a lip balm can help!

  5. Love your new hair!! And nice review, swatches look great :) I actually don't think any of the shades will suit me, but will give it a test when I'm in a store next x

  6. I tried the whole range as well! I find that #43 was my absolute fav!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  7. Great post. It was so informative! I love that they've released colours for different skintones and not 5 lipsticks that are slightly different but basically just for one type of skintone.

  8. I love that second lip picture! I'm a big fan of matte nudes at the moment.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  9. I´m a pink lipstick girl! Beautiful lipsticks!

  10. I was worried about these since I didn't think any of them would suit my skin tone and my dark lips. Perhaps I'll try them now though! The 3rd and 5th shade look like winners!


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