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Alongside eye creams, cleansers and SPF, night creams are considered to be one of the most important skincare element. While working at Shiseido many moons ago, our trainer advised that beauty sleep is between 11-3pm, that's when our cells regenerate the most. I wasn't sure whether it's scientifically proven, but I believed it. When it comes to skincare, I don't play around, sunscreen, eye cream and night creams are a MUST. I've been using night cream every night since I was 20 and I have noticed significant improvements in my skin's overall appearance when compared to my cousins of the same ago or younger family members who do not use night creams!

I personally feel night creams are significantly important and acts as a preventative method for me. Like they always say, prevention not cure! Once those wrinkles start to form, it'll be a pain to rid.

According to Australian Natural Health Magazine skin cell regeneration doubles at night and 11pm-4am is the prime time where cell regeneration peaks. Whether it's been 11pm-3pm or 11pm - 4am.. ideally, we should all be sound asleep during those hours.

  • Day creams are used to protect our skin which is why most day creams are lighter in texture with SPF. While night creams are used to assist with resoration and regeneration. Hence, night creams are often thicker.
  • As we age, the collagen and elastin in our skin undergoes significant changes, our skin begins to lose elasticity. These structural changes allows the birth of wrinkles.
  • Skin changes and increase in wrinkles can be caused by general aging, sun damage and overall health/diet.
  • During cell regeneration, night creams are believed to support your skin through the process, a good night cream may stimulate collagen production and provide deep moisture.
  • Most night creams are jam packed with antioxidants to help prevent the development of wrinkles
  • In order for night creams to take effect and maintain it's effect, ensure to incorporate the method into your nightly routine.
  • Nightly and prolonged use can lead to improvements in texture, fine lines, delay in new lines and an increased collagen production.

 For the past 3.5 weeks I've been using Boots Laboratories Serum 7 Regenerating Night Cream for Dry Skin every single night. My skin is quite dry, so I usually layer on serum, night cream and oil in order to achieve the desired level of hydration. This night cream is rich, creamy and highly moisturising with subtle floral scents that doesn't linger. I absolutely love the texture of this night cream, it's rich but it's not oily or greasy and easily absorbed. However, my skin will remain moist and supply throughout the night.

It is difficult to determine the level of effectiveness after 3.5 weeks of use. However, I've used night creams that were not suitable for me and after just 1 week of use, my skin would feel coarse and dehydrated as I begin to develop fine lines. This baby kept my lines at bay, I'd wake up with my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. Highly recommended for anyone with dry skin!

Boots Laboratories has a range of anti-aging night creams specifically formulated for targeted age groups. Different age requires different skin, I remember using my mum's night cream and eye cream when I was 16, under eye milia occured and my skin broke out, since then I stuck to using skincare products assigned for my age bracket.

Boots Laboratories Serum 7 Regenerating Night Cream $34
- Ideal for those in their 20s-40s
- Alleviates first signs of ageing
- Available for Normal and Dry Skin
- Provides intense hydration over night leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and radiant
- Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced after 4 weeks
Boots Laboratories Serum7 Lift Rejuvenating Night Cream - $36
- Ideal for those in their 40s - mid 50s
- Combats deeper lines, wrinkles and loss of elasticity
- Lifts, tightens, firms
- Reduce appearance of deeper lines, wrinkes and even skin tone
 Boots Laboratories Serum 7 Renew Restoring Night Cream - $42
- Formulated for 55 + years
- Designed to target and improve signs of mature skin ageing
- Reactivates skin, helps accelerate surface cell turn over
- Reduce appearance of brown spots
- Age-Defence complex will assist with lines and wrinkle reduction
- Provides intense hydration and moisturisation
- Nightly use for firmer skin

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Also available at Guardian Pharmacy

*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own
Is night cream a part of your nightly routine?


  1. Great info! I always have a hard time picking out a good nighttime moisturizer, but it's such an important step in the routine :)

  2. I am yet to try anything from the Boots range. Great review and helpful info. Unfortunately, I'm rarely asleep before 11, eek!

  3. Thanks for this informative post! I'm currently using the RosehipPLUS Nourishing Night Cream. I love it and so does my skin.

  4. Oh wow, what wonderful information - thanks for doing all the research hon! I currently using the Serum 7 Night Cream and finding it just right for my combo skin. Will be trying the Serum 7 Renew Restoring Night Cream next, thanks to you xxx

  5. I just love a good night cream too! I'd like to bathe in them! I also layer with serums and oils. When I run out of my current skin creams I think I'll have a look at these. We actually have this line in Canada now! :D

  6. I'm currently using the same one and loving it!


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