Short Hair: New Hair, New Makeup

For the past month I've been struggling to clean my hair, it gets tangled, I keep getting hair falling out and it was just becoming increasingly difficult to manage - the weather was also heating up.. it it was the perfec time to get my locks chopped.

I checked out a few hair-dressers who charged $55 for a tiny trim... oh hell no! That could've been put towards the Jo Malone fragrance on my wishlist.

As always, I think I can do anything and everything, 2 sundays ago, I decided to save $55 and give myself a trim.

I am notorious for cutting my own hair. Don't ask me how I do it, I usually just grab a pair of scissors and hope for the best.

The first pair of scissors I used had a broken handle (probably not ideal for hair cutting) but I decided to use it anyway... and the result was atrocious.... luckily I snapped happy pics to my boyfriend detailing the process (see pic below, sorry, I take the ugliest selfies to my bf... those pictures are so terrifying I'll make them smaller)

Oops... trimmed TOO much
The initial trim didn't go as planned, I cut WAY too much hair off... so I thought I may as well just cut everything off....

I had no idea what I was gonna do with my awful uneven fringe, it suited medium hair Lily but not short hair Lily.. After a quick consult with a friend, ixie fringe was recommended...and pixie fringe I cut!

Above was the damage. It took me a VERY long time to get used to it, it's the shortest my hair has even been since I was 4. I even had nighmares about the hair.
2 weeks on.. I learned to love it. It's practical for Summer - easy to clean, does not require a lot of management AND I barely need to brush it.
My previous makeup routine didn't suit my new hair, so I decided to put togther a new everyday routine, it did not deviate significantly from my previous makeup, but it did make a difference.

The makeup that made the above pic possible..

- Sunsense Invisible Tint Finish SPF50+
- Model Co BB Cream Medium
- Shiseido Curler
- Bobbi Brown Bronzer
- Rimmel Brow this way
- Eye of Horus Black eyeliner
- Thin Lizzy Mascara
- Revlon ColourStay 10 Berry Bloom
- Shiseido lipstick RS306

Makeup Transformation, a quick video...

Short Hair or Long Hair?


  1. OMG LILY! Your hairrrr, you suit the cut so much! your so brave!!!!! Love the video too!!!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. It does look great! I've always wanted to go short but never taken the plunge!
    I cut my 2.5year olds a bit crooked and he actually asked if I would take him to the hairdresser haha

  3. That last picture! Your hair is actually really fab on you! Sadly, I look way too androgynous when my hair is short. Well done!

  4. Great job, I'd be terrified at cutting my own! Here we have hairdressing students that offer free cuts sometimes or $25 salons. Do you have those up there?

  5. I LOOOOOOOOOVEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!! It's super cute and love the little long bit on the side. I use to cut my own fringe when I was in high school and mum still cuts her own hair (still dunno how she does the back, it's so straight!)

    I don't think I can rock the short hair...

    xo Kat @ Katness

  6. I like it, it really suits you and it's edgy too with that longer bit at the front. I couldn't cut my own hair, it'd be an absolute mess + I learnt my lesson from the one time I tried to trim my own fringe (when I still had one, I don't have it now) was so uneven that I had to pin it back until it grew evenly again. Rather embarrassing.

  7. This hair cut is so you! I can't believe you cut it yourself! Well done. Loved your video xx

  8. I love it, Lily! It really suits you. Also, I thought I was the only one who cut their own hair, lol. I've only let a hairdresser cut mine once in the last 7 years or so, I always cut it myself! Go us. x

  9. Yaaaaay! !!!!!!!! You gorgeous rascal!! Look at you owning that sass, I love it so much!!!!!!! Xxxxx

  10. Ps that nail polish colour would look amazeballs on you as a lippie, I think Rimmel 'in love with ginger' lipstick would be perfect! !

  11. Wow! The end result looks amazing! It really suits your features and looks like a very expensive arty cut!

  12. Wow, love it! The fringe really suits you!

  13. Wow, I can't believe you cut it yourself. That is so brave. It looks like a professional haircut. Love the edgy pixy cut look. It really suits you. Great video too ♥

  14. Your new hair looks amazing!!! Thankfully my boyfriends family hairdresser only charges us $15 for a trim! But gosh you did an amazing job!


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