Elucent National Costume Launch with Miss Universe Australia 2015

Last week, my partner Sam and I attended Elucent National Costume Launch at L'Aqua thanks to Elucent Skincare. Last year we were there to witness the gorgeous Tegan Martin strut the catwalk with the winning costume. This year, I had my money on Timothy Cubbo's Dame Edna inspired costume, it was a winner in my heart before the results were announced, all my Facebook spamming was put to good use. I was also excited to see Miss Univerise Australia 2015 Monika Radulovic - I was told by a close friend that we were in the same elective class back when I did my B. Psych at UWS. I mentioned this to Monika as we stood there attempting to figure out which class it was - I realised when I came home that it was the awful counseling unit... I'm sure she wouldn't have forgotten about that class.

This event was held on Labour Day public holiday and really topped off our long weekend. We also had ice cream afterwards.. but that's another story.

Enough rambling, time for pictures!

Monika Radulovic

Desgined by Raf Matta


Designed by Jyoti Chandra

Miss Universe Australia 2015 Monika Radulovic with Timothy Cubbo


Sam and I with Monika :)
Kodak moment

Gift to Monika by Alesandro Ljubicic 

Generous as always, we each received a goodie bag containing products from the sponsors Elucent Skincare and Face of Australia. I am already a massive fan of Elucent Skincare and use it everyday, so I can never have enough! Goodie bag content includes:

- Elucent Whitening Handcream
- Elcuent whitening eye cream
- Elucent whitening trio travel pack
- Face of Australia Nail polish
- Face of Australia Lip Paint

Sam decided he will be using all the skincare in the goodie bag and gave me the his lip paint (hence 2 in the picture), he did however kept his nail polish.. I'm not too sure what he intends to do with that...

A short video of the catwalk...

HD viewing available
Please manually change the setting (still trying to work out how to embed in HD!)

Overall, we had an epic time, with amazing people at a beautiful venue. Thanks again Elucent Skincare for having us and saving us from a potential third day of lounging at home!


  1. Yay nice to meet you there Lily :)

    Lovely pictures too

    <3 Liv

    1. it was so nice to meet you too :) Hope i'll see you again!!

  2. What DOES he intend to do with the nail polish?


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