Merlin - Season 5

Most of us are members of the "Guilty-shit-tv-movie" club. yours might be Gossip Girls, Jersey Shore, Twilight, Grey's Anatomy, Antelope porn, Justin Bieber: Never say Never, The Bill.... or any other terrible, awful, people vomit movies or TV shows.

Fortunately, I enjoy quality TV like Merlin, fantasy medieval fan and proud.

I'm thoroughly impressed with the funding bodies and increased budget in Merlin's most recent season.

I still loved the previous eps, even though they were as corny as a pedo's pickup-lines and one of the most anticipated end of series battle was signified by a baby tornado. I had to be mindful that Merlin was still a "young" wizard in those eps.

Before I go onto the pictures. I recently went to the Mad Spuds Cafe --- unfortunately my camera was no where to be present, I had the spuds stack and enjoyed it. Will be making a return trip to try their range of fruitful spuds!

Came across this picture on a RADIO page.

Merlin (Colin Morgan) in NORMAL PEOPLE CLOTHES :O *mind blown*


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