Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Pressed Powder- Soft Sand

Haven't used this for a while, thought I might go back to it. Bought this when I went on my holiday to Hong Kong, probably one of the first cosmetic item actually bought.

This baby gives you an airbrushed finish. My skin is cracked like craters and dry like beef jerky. Contrasting between this and foundation, I don't get flaky skin (or as much) when I use this.

I think this powder is excellent for days when you feel your skin is feeling supple and your pores decided to take a day off.

My shade was in Soft Sand, I get kinda pale during winter period, but I feel that this powder works for most light-medium skin olive. It's basically translucent.

It's oil free and oil absorbing -- I don't really have a lot of oil to absorb... but it doesn't suck out the natural moisture of my face either.

Mirror plastic compact, good for purses it's quite light.

Can't think of any cons.



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