Saturday, November 17, 2012

Gone Dog Gone

Doggie wreaked havoc for three nights, she refused to sleep in the laundry with my budgie Wally (must be some racism thing) and kept banging loudly on the door throughout the night.

Four days in, I really started to see how this household maintained essence of a (semi-retired) military family when it comes to discipline.

No mercy was spared for unacceptable behaviour. Hard-core doggy training! (That's what happens when you put a behavioural therapy fanatic and a military enthusiast together). Three nights in, doggie was trained and well behaved, she slept in her doggy bed, no barking, no banging and no walk-abouts. We would reward her in the morning with 20minutes of tug and pull play time.

Classical conditioning works every time.

Here's some pictures of the backyard adventures we sort of had together, footage will be in that end of the year video thing.

Chillin in the sun with her pillow homies

She just yawned!

Lookie! I'm in my doggie bed!

Oh nos, I PMS-d and ripped my doggie bed to shreds!

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