Priya's 24th

I celebrated Priya's 24th birthday with the rest of her family at a Chinese restaurant in Beverly Hills.
We commenced our meal at approx 7.50PM and ate non-stop till about 10.07pm. We've spent pretty much every birthday together for the past 5 years, that commitment haha.

There must've been about 5 entrees, 10 mains, fruit, fortune cookies and the lovely birthday cake below.

I was in heaven, I got to try all the chinese food that my parents never order.... i.e., prawn toast, fried rice, spring rolls and anything deep fried. 

I couldn't believe how amazing the fried rice was... a taste of wok :P

I had a great night celebrating, got to feed Priya and later had a food baby :)

I took recordings of the night, it will be up in the annual movie at the end of the year or about then.


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