Everyday Minerals Lip Colours

This review is much overdue. I'm not sure if EDM stock or sell these anymore. But what the heck.

These lipcolours are made from 100% natural ingredients.

Therefore, they cannot be stored for a prolonged period.. this really highlight the amount of synthetic materials and preservatives in commercial lipsticks.

Think of this as an Au Naturale ... Fresh produce.. fruit and veg... and your typical drugstore or department store brands as McDonalds.


  • Provides moisture for the lips
  • Unscented
  • Smooth and creamy in texture
  • A selection of natural colours
  • I love the colours, but it makes me look washed out.. especially for the fact that my lips are fairly pigmented without lipcolour (You can see a bit of my natural lip colour in the first picture below.. where I managed to miss a chunk - there you can see the significance in contrast.). The formula doesn't work like a lipstick.. it's more like a lip cream with a nude base. It's nice in flash photography (pictures below). Unfortunately it doesn't suit me unless I'm aiming for a zombified look.
  • I have very dry lips. Ensure to apply a sizable amount of lip balm prior to the use of these lipcolours as it will fall into the cracks of your dry lips and highlight those areas.

English Muffin

Pink Lemonade

Golden Strawberry


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