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Bought a coupon from Cudo -- $49 unlimited tapas under $16 for two.

The one thing I dislike about getting coupons is that as soon as you arrive at the venue, all of these unwritten terms and conditions will miraculously pop up..

We were told that the chicken skewers can only be ordered once  -- wasn't on my coupon
We only had 1 hour to order -- wasn't on my coupon.

We ordered 4 tapas to start off, the food came out relatively slow... and since we now had a 1hr limit placed on our heads we decided to binge eat. We ordered 1 of everything we can order from the menu.....


Gambas al Ajo 
Pan fried garlic prawns

Calamares Fritos
Salt & pepper squid served with aioli

Pinchitos de Pollo
Char grilled Chicken Skewers served with aioli

Croquettas de jamon
Creamy mixture of potatoes, jamon, Spanish herbs
Rolled in bread crumbs and lightly fried served with aioli

 Albondigas con Tuco
Traditional Spanish meatballs in a spicy tomato salsa

Rustic Bread drizzled with Olive Oil

BBQ Spanish sausages served with chimichurri

Pulpitos a la Plancha
Char grilled baby octopus marinated in tomato and BBQ sauce

Gambas a la Sevilliana
Pan fried prawns served in a spicy tomato salsa

And garlic prawns

Papas Fritas
Deep fried potatoes served with aioli or spicy tomato salsa
Calamares Fritos
Salt & pepper squid served with aioli

We also had Champinones al Ajillio -Mushrooms sautéed in garlic, olive oil, chili and cream - $12 which I forgot to take photos of.

Overall I thought the food was pretty good, everything was tender and full of flavour. Our bellies were bursting as we left the restaurant. I slipped into a gradual food coma and had nightmare that night. I was also extremely thirsty after the meal, my tongue tasted like sand-paper. The usual sign of MSG. Service was top notch, very friendly. However, our tapas did take a while to come out while the table of dudes next to use had their tapas shooting out of the kitchen.

I enjoyed the outdoor alfresco setting, however tables on the patio were way too small, they had a little side stand to place all their tapas, water etc. One dude accidentally knocked his glass off the table because it was so cluttered!

I thought this was a great Cudo deal.

Lets see how much it would've cost us if we paid for the full bill...

2 x garlic prawns = $26
2 x salt and pepper squid = $25
1 x salsa prawns = $13.50
1x potatos = $8
1x croquettes = $12
1x squid = $12.50
1x bread = $2
1x chorizo= $10
1xchicken skewers = $14
1x meatballs = $12
1x mushroom = $12

Total: $  147          $ 73.50 per person.

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