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I love Indian food. I start craving every now and then.

Cheese Naan
Delicious, fresh and very cheesy!

Malai Kofta
Home made cottage cheese and potato dumplings in a delicious mild sauce (mild) 

Too much cottage cheese makes me feel a bit sick, but this dish was delicious. Quite spicy but balanced out well with the naan.

Vegetable Korma
A selection of fresh vegetables in a smooth creamy curry  

 Peas, capsicum, potato, cauliflower and I think some eggplant. All vegies were steamed. Not as crunchy as your usual vegies. It melts in your mouth a little. Great if you like a creamier "sweeter" curry.

Saffron Basmati Rice

Mango Kulfi
Indian style ice cream flavoured with cardamom, mango & nuts 

Different to your usual ice cream. It's more icy and less creamy. Loved the flavour and nuts.

India Times - Finest Indian Cusine on Urbanspoon 


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