KUU Konjac Sponge with Natural French Red Clay

Product Information

History- In Japan the Konjac (konnyoku) sponge was used for its medicinal properties. It is now being used as a beauty treatment for delicate skin.

The Sponge- The red clay sponge is loaded with iron oxide. This sponge deep cleanses and exfoliates the skin from the layers of dead cells, accelerating the regeneration process to leave the skin hydrated and looking radiant. It will leave a soothing effect on irritated, sun-burnt and sensitive skin. It can also help rosacea.

Ideal for mature and/or dry skin that needs rejuvenating. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and broken capillaries.

Naturally pH balanced alkaline (8.4pH) which neutralises any acids (oil and dirt)

Uses- Face cleansing and bath sponge

How to use

1. Rinse before use then gently massage till sponge has absorbed water
2. Use the sponge in circular motion alone or with cleanser
3. Rinse sponge after use (do not wring) hang to dry
4. Sponge will harden when dry; re-hydrate in warm water before use again
5. If damaged or worn add to compost for decomposition

How long can I use it for?  2-3 months before damaged or worn

****Information above was retrieved packet***

RRP $9.95  Received from my December Eco Box 2012

Ingredients: 100% Natural Konjac Fibre vegetable plant root extracted from the plant Amorphophallus konjac.


I've used the sponge both with and without cleanser. I love the texture, it's delicate to your skin but still gives your a nice face massage.
After cleanser, I still need to scrub off some flaky skin and the sponge was difficult to clean as it absorbed most of the cleanser.
I prefer to use it without cleanser. I'd give my face a little cleanser-less clean with the sponge every morning, my skin feels much cleaner, free from the oil and dust collected over night.

I have very sensitive skin and I haven't experienced any irritations.


A great concept. I really admire how environmentally friendly it is. The longevity of the sponge might bother me. The Shiseido brush I'm using lasts for up to 10+ years. Unfortunately I don't think I will be purchase, I'm glad I received this to try in my Eco box though!

Website: http://www.kuukonjac.com.au/


  1. I love this sponge, I have to hide it though because the boys keep playing with it!!

    Jac x0x



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