Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chanoma Cafe - Regent Place, Sydney ~~ (Matcha Heaven!) ~~

I've loosely glanced at this place a few times in the past year. Few weeks ago, we finally decided to make an appearance. We were mind blown by the amount of matcha goodies!

My definition of Matcha is powdered green tea... anyone know what the difference is?

 Shiratama Float $5.50

Three mochi balls, swirl of matcha ice cream, matcha flavoured milk and huge chunks of ice. Minus the generous amount of ice, I really enjoyed this! Minor bitterness in the matcha ice cream, not too creamy, not too icey.

 Left: Shiratama Float        Right:  Matcha Shiratama Parfait (with red bean) $9.50

Parfait: Pocky sticks, ice cream cone, cream with matcha powder topping, mochi balls, those waffle things, fruit salad, corn flakes and matcha ice cream.
You'll get a choice between fruit parfait and redbean parfait. There's fruit salad in both.

Chips with soy and seaweed seasoning $5

Not the most amazing chips, but the flavour was quite interesting. I'll be back to try teriyaki flavoured chips!

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  1. love it!

  2. i love matcha! we have one cafe in Singapore that is very similar in concept, with matcha from desserts to drinks and i have no idea what else!


    1. This place is the only one I've heard of in Sydney.. i have a sneaky suspicion that there will probably be more opening soon :D

  3. holy cow those desserts look soo good, ive never tired those before! but i do like the chips theyy look delish! thanks for stopping by!

    1. THanks for your comment Lisa! :) They were so tasty... and healthy ;)

  4. I love Chanoma! Their hot dogs are delicious accompanied by their chips and green tea frappe :D


  5. I love matcha! :) the foods and desserts looks so delish! xoxo


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