Saturday, October 12, 2013

Easy Eye Look: Soft Silver Eyes + Facebook

I wear boring taupe and browns Mon-Fri, so I thought I'd wear different colours every weekend.

A very simple look. Please excuse my wild fire brows - I've been very lazy.

1. Sweep silver shadow on top lid
2. Sweep taupe shadow under bottom lashes
3. Curl lashes
4. Mascara

Products used:

Manly 180 palette eye shadow 

Silver shadow                                                                                       Metallic taupe


Esteee Lauder Mascara                                                    Shiseido Lash Curler


In other news, with the absence of instagram, youtube and other social networks, i finally gave into facebook. Follow if you like, and link me your page too ^_^

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  1. I need to step away for the safety of my neutrals too :) lovely.. good luck with the FB page :)

  2. Your lashes are gorgeous! *o*
    I need a Shiseido eye curler with the prices drop!

  3. Your have amazing lashes :D such a pretty look!

  4. yay another look i love it lily! ill like you fb page!

  5. Oh really cute eye makeup.


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