Sunday, October 6, 2013

My Month in Food - September 2013

 Where did September go?! Well, I've got these food pictures to remind me!

I haven't been eating out too much, so I'll start off with some home made food.

Below was our first attempt at cooking salmon from scratch with our own made up recipe, surprised that it actually turned out really nice. I'll call it Lily's Marinated Salmon :P  I'll put up the recipe up later.

Some vegetarian pasta. Zucchini, capsicum, cucumber, onions, garlic, asparagus (they took SO long to cook), snow peas, fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, olives, bolognese sauce, salt, cracked pepper

Burnt mashmallow under a tea light candle. ^_^
It was delicious, all gooey in the center.

Alright, now the restaurant/takeaway foods!

This is a Vietnamese Che, a drink we got from Cabramatta (they had a moon festival - lots of stalls, big crowds). I've never had anything like this, the variety of ingredients in this drink caught my eyes. 
There were some red bean, coconut milk, the transparent square things are lychee cubes, green stuff is pandan jelly, not sure what the yellow stringy things were.... I think the little red things down the bottom are preserved fruits. Topped off with shaved ice and PEANUTS!.... I know, right?! The peanuts were the best part of the drink. It was nice, but verrrry sweet. We couldn't finish it all.

Chanoma Cafe

Chanoma Cafe is our go-to place (See Previous Review).

We got one of our regulars - Matcha Shiratama Float $6.90
The little mochi balls were nice and chewy. One of my favourite drinks!

They have awesome flavoured chips - we got garlic and chilli chips. Quite spicy.

Chanoma Cafe on Urbanspoon

Manmaruya Restaurant

I eat quite a bit of Japanese food. I appreciate the artistry in the bento boxes and sushi. Bento is an all time favourite; variety in one meal! Good Japanese restaurants always have well-cooked rice. If you can't cook a staple well, the whole dish kinda falls a part, especially when it comes to sushi.

This little gem at Campsie is one of my favourite place to go for lunch time bento. Where are you gonna find a bento like this for $10....????

I got the Kaarage Chicken Bento - $10

TOP L to R -

Tuna and cucumber sushi, marinated seaweed, salad,

Bottom L to R-

Kaarage chicken with Japanese mayo + a wedge of lemon
Pickled ginger I believe

+ bowl of miso soup.

My partner got the Teriyaki Salmon Bento - $14

TOP L to R

Tuna Sushi, Marinated seaweed, salad

Teriyaki Salmon, Picked ginger and rice
+ Miso Soup

Manmaruya Restaurant on Urbanspoon


  1. OH Gawd I hang out for your food pictures, I am such a fan!! All looks so delicious :o)

    Jac x0x

  2. I am drooling over the food. And all of a sudden, I have a craving for fries!!

    <3 Celly
    TheSnowFlowerrr - Beauty and Makeup Blog

  3. YUM! Your marinated salmon looks delicious!! I hate waiting for vegies to cook, so I usually steam them for a bit to speed the process up :) The drink with the peanuts looks weird, and anything but sweet! Very unusual looking.. :)

  4. oh dayum lily, everything about this post was yummy can't wait for the next food post you do! Lisa x

  5. You ate lots of yummy food. I would love to have some roasted marshmallows.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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