Sunday, October 20, 2013

Product Empties October 2013

I finally have enough used products to post up an empties. I literally use my makeup and skincare at snail pace. I'll probably wait till next year for my next lot of empties!

I collect all my empties in a little basket

1. Pinetarsol Approx $20AUD - I use this for my dermatitis, it's been alright but exceeding my price range a little. So I switched to Dermaveen to see how that is. Repurchase? No

2. Cyber Colors Gentle Makeup Remover Approx $3AUD - Bought this from Hong Kong, LOVE this stuff. The quality is as good as Lancome's makeup remover. Takes off my stubborn waterproof shiseido mascara. Repurchase? Would like to but can't find this brand in Oz

3. Burts Bees Anti Blemish Solutions Cleanser Approx $13AUD - I quite liked the citrus scent. This didn't really help with the acne I had when I was a little bit younger. Repurchase? No

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo (Sample) - I used this when I didn't have time to wash my hair. It did an OK job, but I feel like this product is a bit of an excess to my collection. I don't find it completely necessary. Repurchase? No

5. Kevin Murphy Conditioner - To be honest, I can't even remember whether I liked this or not. You really can't tell with these little satchel hair products

6. Emergin C Earth Hydrating Phytelene Cream - This was quite nice for my dry skin. The cheapie cream rubs off my face after application.

7 and 8 (oops i wrote 9). Biore combination skin balancing cleanser - This dried the crap out of my skin. It made an alright body wash though.

9. Dissolving Whitening Strips - First time I used it, I didn't know I had to take the strips out after a while... I took for granted that dissolving strips are meant to dissolve in your mouth. Big mistake. It took me 15 minutes to remove all traces of dissolved goo from my teeth and gum. I used it correctly the second time. No real difference noticed.

10. L'occitane Sweet Peel Exfoliate - Pretty sure this product is discontinued. Such a shame. It's a brilliant scrub that will rid all traces of dead and scabby skin. It smells like apples

11. Skin Benefits Blemish Patches $2 - WORST patches I've ever used. The flimsy patches falls right off your skin.  I thought this would be comparable to the 3M blemish patches I got from hong kong (See My Old Youtube Review on 3M Blemish Patches Here). Stay away from this. Repurchase? No

12. Bioderma Cleanser - It worked like any other cleanser, dried my face out after use, so I had to moisturise right away. Repurchase? No

13. Bioderma Moisturiser - I hated this, you can gently rub the moisturiser off your face after application... like a doughy texture. something's not right.. Repurchase? No

14. Passion Peel Off Masks - An innovative idea. The mask was suppose to peel right off my face after it dries up for 10-15 mins. I was left with residue after peeling, so I had to wash my face anyway.  Repurchase? No

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  1. I need to do an empties post, I had nothing to show for September but now my little trash box is overflowing! Even though you've not ended up with anything you want to repurchase, I love trying new things, even if they are crap, at least I don't end up wasting a heap of money on full price.. so thanks for the mini reviews :)

  2. I haven't even finished my sample of Batiste since I don't use it T__T And I also have another full sized bottle lying around... I should also get around to using my Bioderma samples as well but it's such a shame they didn't work for you! As for the Cyber Colors product, it sounds interesting! Why don't you just purchase it online from Sasa or something?

  3. I'm with you on finishing products so slowly, thats why I've never done an empties post! Haha, you went through quite a few smaller/sachet samples as well, I'm currently trying to do that too! I agree that when using sachet samples, you cant tell if its a good product or not because the quantity is sooooo small.

  4. wow lily alot of stuff here that you wouldnt repruchase at least you got rid of a lot of unwanted products! clutter can be bad when we are beauty junkies! love the post!

  5. Oh wow many empties stuff dear,


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