Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lust Have It! - March 2014

I saw a small package outside my door as I arrived home, LHI are still putting together the new box. I don't mind receiving my products in bubble wrap.

Bloom Secret Weapon Concealer Kit

The most anticipated product of the box! I was happy that I selected the concealer kit instead of the eyeliner! There are 2 colour correctors, 3 different shades of concealer and 1 illuminator. I'm putting this in my purse!


Aveda intensive Hydrating Mask
150ml for $79.95
Received 7ml

A face mask for dryness and stress.. I've become rather oily as of late. But wouldn't mind giving this a try. This sample would probably last 1 use.

Gatineau Refreshing Melting Scrub 
75ml for $58
Received 15ml

Melting Scrub?! lol. That sounds appealing. It's an exfoliator, which I do need.

Klara Kiss Proof Lips in 03
8ml for $29
Received 1.2ml

YESSSS I didn't receive bright red! Love the colour, but it's so small!

Orly Nail Lacquer in Hottie
18ml for $18.95
Received 5.4ml

Never tried Orly before, very pretty pink colour. Happy to give this a go.


Hmmm.. I don't really have late nights anymore... I'm usually in bed by 9:30PM....I think I'll pass this onto someone else.

I didn't get any of the lucky dip again :( I wonder if the quality of the boxes are impacted due to the commencement of the lucky dip... I'm having mixed feelings about this box. There were a few products I'm relatively keen on, but they are so small and only 1 full size product :(

Better luck next month?


  1. .....ah... you can see I failed at my attempt NOT to look at any reviews before my box arrived!! I never saw the FB post where you could pick, will probably end up with the liner. The lip colour is really pretty and I'd be happy to give everything a go... the electrolyte thing might come in handy if you caught a dreaded tummy bug... :/ lol

    1. Wishing I got your lip colour and polish! Mine are both hot pink!! :-/ lol

  2. Oooh. That's a great color from Orly. Very bright.

    And the concealer palette look super cool. I have actually never tried green concealer but a lot of people swear by it.

  3. Looks great! I too didn't see the post about selecting which one you want, i'll probably get the eyeliner which I don't need! :(

  4. This month's box looks good, Lip gloss and concealer, wow :D

  5. What pretty items you received. Everything looks great.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  6. I am really unhappy with this month's selection. I received Hot Pink lip gloss and boring glitter nail polish. I certainly don't think it is worth the $20. What happened to their promise of bigger better boxes with a price rise, didn't oome to much at all, in fact I think the boxes are smaller and not worth the bubble wrap they came in.

    Jac x0x

  7. I like the look of this month's box! I didn't know about the options until it was too late. :( Ah, well, hopefully I get the liner!

  8. The concealer kit looks great! (^O^)

  9. You've been nominated for the Liebster Award :)

  10. The lippy shade and polish look super pretty!!

  11. I do like that nail polish colour!

  12. Is this a monthly gift box? What is the name of the website? :3 I've never heard of it. It really like the concealer palette c:

    1. It's a monthly beauty subscription box from Lust Have It :) Each month they give you a bunch of samples. They have different boxes you should check out!


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