Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Review: So...? Fragrances

 I have seen and read reviews for these gorgeous So...? fragrances on several blogs, now it's my turn! I could never pass on the offer as So...? accompanied me for most of my teenage transitions. I couldn't express my excitement when I was provided with the opportunity to try the products!

The packaging alone reminded me of the moonlight, good times, boogie. There was a euphoric sensation of sweet nostalgia when I smelt the fragrances.

So...? eau de toilette
 Notes: Tangerine, orange blossom and vanilla 

The original So...? Fragrance. The scent itself is quite sweet but I can smell a little bit of musk in there. I like using this at night. It's a little bit stronger than So...? Kiss me. I reckon this would also go well with a sophisticated day time look.

 So...? Kiss Me eau de toilette

Top Notes: Blackcurrant, pineapple and citron
Heart Notes: Floral with sweet vanilla
Base Notes: Musk and woody

This is hands down my favourite out of the three. I love my fresh/fruity/vanilla scents. I feel almost youthful when I'm wearing this. I've been putting my Marc Jacobs and Burberry perfumes on standby and using this everyday. Perfect for the day time. It gets addictive!

So...? Sinful eau de toilette

Top notes: Mint and pineapple
Heart notes: Violet and strawberry
Base notes:  Vanilla, praline and musk 

Here's another scent you can't put down, it smells sweet and a little musky. I smelt it once and had to smell it again and again. Oh so sinful! Spray this if you are daring.... it would also go well with a dinner date. It's such a versatile scent.

The scent lasted on my skin for about 5 hours... oh ...can I also say these cute little 30ml bottles would fit well in handbags ;)

Were you a So...? girl? Have you tried their fragrances?


  1. Great review lily. Sinful is my favourite :)

  2. These are so cute! The pineapple notes look interesting :)

  3. I haven't tried this fragrances but they look very cute! ☆(^ω^)

  4. Great review. The perfumes look adorable but I haven't tried any of them before.

  5. I am loving those bottles! Oh my gosh. Sinful sounds absolutely delicious. If I see them anytime soon I am so ambushing and sniffing them.

  6. Cute !! no haven't tried em before :) xx

  7. The brand certainly rings a bell! The bottle are so cute! I love how they're 30ml only. I find that even 50ml is too much for me since I don't use perfume all that often. A lot just sit there and expire! LOL

  8. Haha i remember wearing these and there sprays throughout my teenage years, i always found impulse to be a bit strong so always turned to these!

    Following you sweetie, if you have time check out my blog and i hope you will follow me x


  9. Oh very interesting fragances~


  10. I had the body spray and it was a pretty decent and cheap one!

    from The Lady In Red, http://pixiedw.blogspot.com.au/

  11. I loved these so much when I was younger! Didn't even know they still sold them! Great post love!

  12. Nostalgia is a good way to describe these haha. We got sent the same ones :) they're really good to have around. Sinful is my fave!

  13. Love you post, dear)
    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  14. Great review Lily - thanks heaps, I've seen these in the stores and never bothered to sample them. Loving the sound of Kiss Me & Sinful :-)

  15. I've been wearing So...? Sinful on a daily basis and really quite liking it!


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