Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review: The Grounds of Alexandria

We made our way to The Grounds a couple of weeks ago. I have heard so much hype for this hidden gem and I must say, it's well deserved.

The place was packed, even on a rainy day!

As you make your way inside, you'll see an indoor restaurant  and a courtyard where you can order your food and dine alfresco style. The restaurant was overly crowded so we picked the courtyard.

You'd order and pay at one side of the courtyard, then pick up from the other side. I'd suggest you to take a brisk walk around the place prior to ordering.

Yes! They tempt you with delicious baked goods at the ordering counter!!

Smashed Avocado $9

Tomato, feta, chilli & mint on sourdough

This was our healthy alternative. You'd get to sauce your meal at the pickup counter. I have no idea which sauce we poured on but it was tasty! With the combination of avocado, feta and tomato, as you would expect, the texture was a little mushy. I think this could do with more chilli.... nice... but not enough flavour for me. Maybe I'll put more sauce on next time.

My boyfriend got the drink on the left... I'm not sure what it's called .. but it was quite sour
I had the Coconut Kale to you right, it's a mixture of coconut juice, kale, almond, banana and berries. You can really taste the banana and berries.... and unfortunately the seeds from the berries as well. I couldn't really taste the coconut juice. Nonetheless, it was quite nice.

Beer Battered Chips $5

Tip top chips with a crunch! Loved it!

Field Mushroom Roll $10
Rocket mizuna tomato and feta

This was a surprise winner.  Lots of flavour from the rocket, a great combination overall. Lots of oil. I'd probably recommend the smash avocado for all my health conscious friends out there. This would be highly recommended for all the oil and flavour lovers.

I wanted dessert/pastries afterwards, but we got really full, really quickly.
Below are some pictures we took as we walked around. They had a little area where they kept Kevin Bacon and co. We will be getting their lemonade next time!

A great variety at The Grounds, the atmosphere was casual and enjoyable. This is great place to chill with your friends and family. The Grounds has so much to offer, it's a place where you'll just have to go back for a second bite!

We definitely will be making our way back soon!

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  1. What a wonderful looking place! OMG, the food looks yummy, I could almost taste those chips. Ok, now I must stop thinking about food, lol!

  2. Wow, such a wonderful place! The food looks so delicious~ <3

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  3. mmMm that food looks damn good. i almost want to buy a ticket and fly over there just to eat some. if only life were that simple~ haha, sweet location. thanks for the share, i'll have to check it out if i'm ever traveling there :)

    Xlicious Girl

  4. that looks like a fun place to go, a little between a restaurant and farmer's market. definitely a good way to spend a weekend afternoon!!

  5. not a good post to look at when you're starving!! So hungry right now :)

  6. It all looks wonderful Lily, I would have loved to try the Lemonade and those strawberries yum yum!

  7. How gorgeous! I've been looking to go - this post is making me determined to hit the Grounds soon!

  8. Delicious!!!
    Love the environment around
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  9. wow I just discovered your blog and really like it. Think you have great style and am following now! Definitely a new fan! You are very inspiring
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  10. What a cool place. ^__^ Nice pics.

  11. my brother and sis-in-law told me to come here because they know i love these sort of cafes! they really loved eating here! ive only herd good things!

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