Monday, June 30, 2014

Lust Have It - June 2014

 Well...  my Lust Have It box had finally arrived on the last day of June. I'm not sure how it took almost 10 days to ship an item from Sydney to Sydney.

Anywho, since the Lust Have It box is no longer a box, the postie just shoves the package in my letter box with half of it sticking out. I much prefer the initial cardboard box....

a. It's recyclable
b. It can store products
c. It doesn't have a dreadful zipper

Please bring the boxes back!

Orly nail file and toe separators

These are GWP products..... I don't have much of an issue with this other than it's a little bit useless for me. I can spread my toes just fine lol.


Nuxe Creme Nirvanesque and eye contour sample

John Plunkett
Full Size

A night time exfoliator with 25% glycolic acid. I'd be very keen to try this!

 La Roche Posay
Sample Size

Why are we getting the same products again ??? :( As much as I love La Roche Posay, there's only so much I can take!

 Teeez Trend Cosmetics
Full Size

The best item in the whole box. The packaging the absolutely gorgeous. Apparently it's a waterproof pencil. I'll have to test it out later this week.


$30 Hello Fresh Giftcard

I'm not sure why this is in the box again.

Overall, I was fairly disappointed with the content of this "pack" and I really hope the delivery timeframe will improve next month. There were two exciting products for me in this box, it's not an awful box, but as much as I have enjoyed my LHI packs/boxes for the past few months, this pack is not worth the value. Maybe it's because the May's box set the benchmark and I'm getting hard to please!

What did you think of this month's Lust Have It?


  1. I think our feelings are pretty similar regarding this month's box! We got the same items for all of them - it's the GWP that seems odd to have in the box, isn't it?

  2. I'm so not looking forward to this arriving :( only decent item is the Teeez

  3. Ooooo that eyeliner! I definitely want to hear about how you get along with it!

  4. Another reason I stopped subscribing to subscription boxes. Definitely not impressed!

    I received that healthy food card back when I was and never used it and now I completely regret not using it :(

  5. I totally agree about the plastic bags. They're rotten and cheap and smell horrific. They're like Barbie accessories, only worse quality!


  7. No surprises that mine hasn't arrived yet.. am totally regretting my decision to re-sub to them again! I don't want the boxes back but the cheap bags with crappy zippers aren't any use at all! Why can't they be like Ipsy in the US and offer a different cute little bag each month? The hope of getting the Glyco Peel will be the only reason I rip mine open... whenever it shows up!

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  9. I have the same products and I'm so disappointed with the late arrival and product being too small x

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  11. Haha. I've stopped trying to understand the mail service. I've had packages come quicker from other countries then from a city 20 minutes away.

    I really want to try the La Roche-Posay duo. I've heard so much about it.

  12. This is a big reason why I don't sign up for Boxes: I'll end up disappointed. But it's mainly because I'm a fussy/demanding person. Haha. Hope the products are good though when you test them out! :)

  13. Oh dear. I tried not to peek so as not to ruin the surprise since mine still hasn't arrived but...I kinda know exactly how you feel.

    I have seen some boxes get a gorgeous nail polish...I'd be happy with that over the eyeliner, but I don't mind both! I'd agree that's the best item in the box.

  14. I hope you get things you like more next time (>_<) However, the waterproof pencil looks great ヾ(´∇`)ノ

  15. Hi,
    Not the best LHI and this was only my second month. I did receive a really pretty nail polish; which, almost made up the cost of the box, so I'm happy about that.
    I have also reviewed the box (bag) -
    Look forward to seeing more of your posts.
    Kind regards
    Aimee :)

  16. nice items :) and yeah the box would be more preferrable


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