Saturday, July 12, 2014

Empties - July 2014

It's that time of the month again! As we all know, I am a snail when it comes to finishing off products... but I'm getting better! It is literally a therapeutic experience emptying out finished contents to make room for the new.

Biore Power Couple SPF 30+ Lotion
The idea for this product is that the pump will dispense sunscreen and lotion at the same time. My bottle was broken, so I didn't really get the "power couple" experience. I ended up using the suncreen and lotion independently. Having that said, Biore was kind enough to send me out a replacement product!

Everyday Minerals Foundation Sample
There was a time where EDM was trending throughout the interweb, I jump on board, took advantage of their cheap postage, natural and cruelty free products. I have quite a collection of their powders (mainly blush) which.. I will need to get through. I didn't particularly like their foundation, it was quite cakey and  would sink into my pores.

YSL Volume Effet Mascara
 I've heard great reviews for this mascara but I thought it was pretty average. It smudged on my lower lashes and didn't really hold much of a curl. Sorry YSL, I'm not sold. 

Yu-be Moisturising Skin Cream
I received this product from my Lust Have It box. Yu-be is a Japanese skincare brand... I am a huge supporter for local brands, but I have a soft spot for Japanese products. It had a really peculiar scent, but the thickness of the cream worked wonders on my chapped dry skin.

Suzuran Attirer Puff
 I purchased this from Sasa while I was in Hong Kong a while back. The quality of the cotton puff is beyond the puffs I usually get from Priceline. It was feathery soft and cottony. I'm keen to see how Swisspers will compare.

Bioderma Cleansing gel
I had a go at this product previously and thought it was pretty average... but after trying out a few other brands of cleansing products, this one does a surprising good job when it comes to makeup removal.

Some samples here. A few worth mentioning.... Clearasil Vitamins & Extracts Daily Wash - very impressive, extra gentle, lovely scent and it did well at removing makeup and grime from my face. Bobbi Brown Cleansing oil was a nice product, but not intended to remove your eye makeup... I had to wash out the oil sitting in my eyes. It was troubling. Egyptian magic All Purpose Skin cream  excellent for dry skin. In addition, it was an amusing product, reading the sachet kept me well entertained... we had a good laugh. If you don't know what I'm talking about, I'd recommend you to head over to their website for a read! (

Last but not least..... my Manly Palette.

I've had this palette for dragon years, it's probably well past it's use by date but I couldn't bare to throw it out. I've been using this palette religiously but it's impossible to hit the pain. I had a look at my ridiculous stash and decided it was time to bid farewell.

Do you have any products that you "should" be throwing out but holding back?


  1. Sweet empties post hun. :)
    That YSL mascara sounds so crappy. What a shame! I've got 2 australis products, an eye shadow and lip balm, that ive had for 10 years that I can't bear to throw out. They hold memories :) Don't use them now lol

  2. Good work on throwing out the palette! I'm yet to part with some of my older ones :/
    As for the cotton puffs, Swisspers are good but they have sharp edges! The Daiso ones are way better, really soft and don't go all fluffy and fall apart :)

  3. You sure did empty out quite a few things! I didn't have much luck with the YSL mascara either. I generally quite like YSL's make up, so I was disappointed as well!

    I have a lot of make up that is beyond its use by date but still (feels) okay to use? LOL. Maybe I should chuck them out ahah.

  4. I have zillion things I really should throw away. lol!
    I have some eye shadow palettes which really need to be thrown away but I just can't.. xD
    some lipsticks as well and my never been used up hand creams and body lotions!

  5. I have a big complete palette that my hubby gave me a few years ago. I still use it from time to time but it's probably out of date already. I can't throw it out as hubby will definitely have a fit as he bought it so I don't have to buy more make up and he said they only put expiration dates so we have to buy more make up! haha

  6. Attirer Puff are the best! I always get those and the Dr. Morita Sam Tin cotton pads from Sasa.

  7. Nice!

    I have some palettes that need to go as well, but when they're not truly empty, it's hard to throw them out.

  8. Who DOESN'T have products that they are still hanging onto that they should chuck out? :) Love Yu-Be - still sporadically using that very tube!

  9. i probably have a lot to throw out but feel bad too! p.s sucks the bobbi brow cleansing oil didn't work out for you, ive herd heap so rave about it! great empties for the month lily!

    Lisa | Multitasking Damsel

  10. i feel ya snail buddy! everybody seems to have monthly empties but its probably every quarter that I get a decent stash to post. On another note, you should try out the cotton pads from daiso - its a fav for both of us!

    ♥ M&L twoplicates

  11. Great picks dear. This palette looks very versatile. Happy weekend dear :-)

  12. I have tons of stuff which should be heading for the garbage! I love the Clearasil face wash :)


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