Sunday, August 31, 2014

Review: Nads Hair Removing Products

I must admit that I haven't been paying too much attention to my bodily hairs since my boyfriend and I started seeing each other. I guess I'd make a great cave woman.

 I am so glad that Nad's came out with a cream hair removal product with a little in built compartment to store the sponge,  I am notorious for losing sponges!

The application was simple, I spread the product all over my legs and waited 4 minutes (significantly shorter than previous hair removal products where I had to wait 10-15 minutes) and rinsed it off in the shower, my legs were silky smooth!

This is perfect for sensitive skin, no stings, no rashes, no burning sensation and all hairs came off with ease.

When it comes to hair removal, I've always been a shaver, my friend waxed my legs in high school and bruised it, I never allowed wax on to my skin that day forward.

My boyfriend on the other hand was optimistically keen to try out Nad's nose wax.

This is the most organised kit I've ever seen. I wasn't sure what the moustache stickers were for when I first saw them. Boyfriend thought it might be an element of amusement to counteract the pain factor from pulling out your nose hair.

Oh but we were wrong!

It's obviously a prop for silly selfies!

I'm kidding. It's more or less a moustache protector

Application (really easy!):

1. Heat up the wax, twirl it around with a paddle pop stick to make sure it's melted
2. Apply the moustache stencil if you have a moustache
3. Dip the circular side of the little white applicators into the wax
4. Place it in your nostril
5. Count to 90 and pull it out!
6. Clean your nostrils with the anti bacterial wipe

This is a 2in1 nose wax kit. You can wax your nose and clean your pores!

Pore Cleaning Application:

1. Apply the warm wax onto the surface of your nose (See picture above)
2. Count to 30 and gently remove the wax, it doesn't hurt.

Remember how I said I haven't had wax on my skin since high school? Well, that's changed now, my role as a bystander was unbearable, I HAD to trial this out. I wasn't brave enough for the nose wax but we had a lot much fun with this wax and decided to rid other facial hairs... i.e., boyfriend's monobrow and my upper lid fluff. It did a great job by the way, we are both sold, boyfriend requested to keep the kit at his place. We gave each other the nod of approval.

Check the video below to see the nose wax in action WARNING - nose hairs were pulled in this video.

The nose wax might just be the perfect gift for hairy dads since Father's Day is just around the corner.

Are you a shaver, waxer, laser hair remover, cream user or other?

*These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own.


  1. Haha! Love that your boyfriend was such a willing participant in this trial! And that nose hair kit works!

  2. Those stickers are hilarious! LOL. I definitely think they're more for selfie purposes. I didn't know Nads had hair removal cream! I love using their normal wax the most - no heating and smells so natural.

    I'm a waxer, cream user and shaver depending on how pressed for time I am! LOL.

  3. I have never heard of Nads. I have never really been a big user of cream hair removers but I have been thinking lately about getting laser hair remover just to avoid shaving.

  4. saw the video, so cute!! i probably should get some for myself, winter is a time for laziness when it comes to hair removal!

  5. Oh wow very intersting products dear~ The product with the sponge looks great!
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  6. The moustache stickers are awesome! haha (^O^)

  7. Haha your bf is the coolest ever.He even pose like he don't care. Really wish this product would be available in my country though..

  8. hahaha he's so funny. love the selfie. and I've seen Nads around next time when I'm low on hair removing I'll try it out, currently not liking what I'm using right now!

  9. haha, love the video! I've got some waxes to test out, never thought of using them to clear pores! genius!

  10. Great post Lily - I hadn't heard of this product until I read your review. I was eager to try it, I reviewed it on, what a fantastic product! I'll definitely be adding it to my beauty regime, thank you!


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