Friday, August 15, 2014

What's in My Bag?

 I remember doing this on Youtube years ago. I love a sneaky beak and seeing what other people carry in their bag, I guess it's a way for me to normalise the fact that I carry a lot of unnecessary items in my bag.

There's a reason why I can never find anything in my bag...LOOK AT ALL THIS JUNK! 

Here I have my two phones, wallet and and coin purse.

I always carry an umbrella in my bag, you never know when it'll rain. The Moxie tin for all my lady products, Extra gum to keep the bad breath away. I am currently reading One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, it's about a psychiatric institution - quite interesting. A work pass and a hair scrunchie.

My bottle goes wherever I go, I started chucking jasmine tea bags into my bottles each day for flavoured tea. Headphones to keep me company. Keys, a pen or two and some strepsils.

I have absolutely no idea why I have so many lip products in my bag!

Top to Bottom:
Shiseido The Makeup Crayon
Carmex lip balm
Klara Cosmetics
Sugar baby Lipstick
Bonne Bell Lip Lites in Strawberry Gelato

I would LOVE to see what you guys have in your bag, if you do post it up, please send me you link :)


  1. Why do you have two phones? Are you a secret spy? ;)

    And I think all of us accumulate too many lip products in our bags. I recently cleaned mine out and found some many old favorites.

    1. Hahha you made me laugh!

      One is my personal phone and the other is my work phone, gosh I wish I was a secret spy :P

  2. You carry around a lot! Good. That makes me feel better about carrying around a lot too ;-)

  3. I love a sneaky look into what people have in their bags! Throwing teabags into a water bottle is a great idea actually!

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest sounds really interesting! I've been really into psychology lately so I might add this into my next haul over at the Book Depository!

  4. I love to see what's inside others' bags! lol
    I also always carry umbrella esp when it is the rainy season..Don't you bring any powder for touch up? I wish I could get away with no powder or blush for touch up, but I guess I am too vain for that. lol

    1. Oh believe me pam, I will get oily T zones and foundation slipping off my face but I'm too lazy!!

  5. ^^^^ haha the spy comment :) I was wondering a similar thing. I used to carry around so much, my friends always knew I'd have an umbrella, sunscreen, mozzie spray, bandaids, panadol etc if they needed them... now it's all about the kids! I do have a bag which I use occasionally, and there's a heap of lip products in it too, I think we add the one we're using that day but never seem to empty out the ones already in there! It's sorta like Christmas isn't it? Getting a nice surprise when you see a forgotten product right down there in the bottom all covered in fluff.. where does the fluff come from anyways?!? I noticed you didn't blog that lol :)

    1. Now... does your bag have a zipper Loz? I haven't been seeing too much fluff lately, although I do try to clean my bag... my "clean" I mean throw out random pieces of paper on a fortnightly basis

  6. I love how you have two phones hahah! And I probably should keep an umbrella in my bag too, it;s been raining lately!!

    Lisa | Multitasking Damsel Blog

  7. I'm convinced my lip products multiply in my bag... I think I have about 5 floating around in there at the moment too!

  8. Loving the sneak peaks into peoples bags! haha and don't worry, I played a game at a bridal shower once and you got so many points for how many lipsticks/glosses were in your handbag. I had about 11 different glosses and lipsticks! So don't feel bad! lol

    I have also nominated you for a Leibster award! check it out here!

  9. I've considered it, but unless I'm on a scissors lift (found on construction sites) we wouldn't be able to get everything in. :P Plus there's bags within bags.

  10. This post is really interesting (^O^)
    You have a lot of cool things in your bag!

  11. I'm currently reading "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" too (always gotta have a book in the bag), loving it so far. I always have Moxie in my bag cos the packaging is so cute and thank you for the peek, interesting contents :) Not much junk at all, in contrast to mine ;)

  12. What's the story with the 2 phone you have hehehehe
    Love the first comment and an idea of putting jasmine tea into water bottle,,,
    I have thinking of writing what's in my bag too but been a bit lazy,,,��,,,you carry a lot of stuf though especially the lip products��

    Varinder Makeupmeandyoyo

  13. All of the items in your bag are super handy... I used to carry everything but the kitchen sink with me, then I started wearing small bags, so I could only fit the most important... ^^ For me, it got ridiculous when I had every single lipstick I owned, for you know, just in case I needed to change colour a few times a day! >__< LOL

  14. i can relate with the many lip products in the bag lol. this is such a fun post. i think i have around 3 of them sitting in my bag right now (nude, pink, and red to cover every basic colors) :)


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