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Review: Carol's Beauty Organic Sun Tanning Enhancers

My teenage self spent most weekends sun bathing at the beach. I love looking bronze and beach ready. Now that I am super conscious of the skin damage, the amount of freckles I have on my face and the likeliness of wrinkles under the sun, I don't like to spend a lot of time flaunting my skin to the rays. I dislike fake tans as most tanning products goes orange on my skin. Every now and then, I'd go out to events spend a couple of hours in the sun with a singlet and short shorts in hopes of achieving a gorgeous tan. Unfrotunately, it doesn't seem to work too well.

In addition to all my barriers, I work full-time... I work internally in an office and externally, some days, I'd get into the office while it's still dark and leave the office after the sun's long gone. I get my share of sun when I'm on the road, but always in the same places. As the weekend hits, the rain clouds would often occupy the skies. Sounds impossible doesn't it...

If you love your tan as much as me, yet you're sun safe conscious and time restricted... get excited about Carol's Beauty Tanning Enhancers!
Left: Carol's Sun Tanning Enhancer Oil
Right: Carol's Sun Tanning Enhancer Lotion

Carol's beauty is Australia's first certified organic tanning enhancing lotion and oil! As much as I love my high end products, I am a big advocate for all organic products, whether it's food, beauty or the likes. I like to know what I put on my skin or in my body, and I like to know that it's safe/free from harsh chemicals.

Ingredients used in Carol's Tanning Enhancer includes sunflower oil, almond oil, carrot oil, henna extract, ylang ylang oil and bees wax. Proudly Australian made and owned, so you know when you purchase Carol's Beauty, your money stays in the country to assist our economy.

I had a tiny bit of time to sit out in the sun before heading out, it was quite sunny and the perfect time to put the products to the test.

How to:

1. Slip slop slap with a minimum of SPF 15 (I personally use SPF 30-50)
2. Apply Carol's oil or lotion
3. Sit in the sun for approximately 5-20 minutes (Personal recommendation: Up to 20 minutes during winter and 10-15 minutes during summer)

After 6 minutes in the sun! (On a really sunny day).. Imagine 12 minutes..

The product smells lovely, it's a little on the sweet side but I feel like I can really smell the carrots.. or maybe my head is just tricking me!

The same results can be achieved by using either the lotion or the oil. I personally preferred the lotion as it was easier to apply (I'm never good with oils and it tends to somehow seep through the cracks of my fingers).

These products are made from natural oils, so you will definitely find it to be a tad "oily", a little bit heavy, but I didn't find it greasy. However, I did avoid using the product on my face as I am prone to breaking out and didn't want to acne on my current acne-free face! Nonetheless, it did a wonderful job on my legs, I know it's only a slight colour difference..  but that was achieved in 6 minutes!! I kid you not, my mum was there to witness the outcome.

Since then, I've pretty much kept at least one of the small bottles in my bag so I can tan on the go or tan at my partner's place!
Do you sun tan, fake tan or not tan at all?

*Disclosure: These products were provided for my consideration all opinions are my own


  1. The older I get, the light I am and it's definitely to do with the whole staying indoors/sedimentary lifestyle that we all seem destined to! I'm on the fair side and, even if I want to get a tan, I just end up burning and peeling. Years ago when gradual tanners first came on the market, I tried a few and none of them worked. They all ended up making my skin this odd colour that wasn't quite golden, yellow or orange?

    But I might give this one a go once because it does sound and look really, really good! Talk about quick results too!

  2. This sounds very achievable. Fake tan makes me a little nervous - so many ways you could get it wrong!

  3. I don't like to be tan at all! Haha, honestly, but it looks really natural! I've seen myself tan before and I looked too athletic hahaha >.<

    Celly | Asian beauty, makeup and travel blog

  4. Looks good. I like to fake tan and will forever be on the lookout for my fave (the PureTan light/medium instant tanning mousse is my fave at the moment), and I tend to tan easily from the sun, even in Winter, the weekly sun exposure in a netball dress keeps me from turning deathly pale so the mousse acts more as a top-up. Your 6 minute results look really good!

  5. Having had a malignant melanoma when I was younger I'm a lot more careful nowadays abut how much time I spend in the sun! These Carol's Beauty tanning enhancer products sound worth trying!

  6. Wow! Nice post that my favorite. I want to know about tanning for me. Have you another site about it like tanoholic com, Let me know.


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