Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Brand Focus: Blinc Mascara, Brow Mousse and Eyeliner

Nothing annoys and frustrates me more than seeing clients and entering a meeting with mascara smudges half way down my face and my eye brow mascara smeared to my temples. It is embarasing and no one tells you. It's not until I walk out of that fairly important meeting hoping to make a lasting impression and my mirror told me otherwise.

For the past couple of months I have avoided using non-waterproof mascaras and transitioned to waterproof mascaras only, that was until I realised my eye lash casulties had doubled from using makeup remover on a cotton pad. As a result, I've avoided using mascara altogether to avoid that Courtney-Love-after-a-big-night-feeling (Don't get me wrong, I love Courtney).

If you hate makeup smudges as much as I do, it's time to get to know Blinc Cosmetics.

Blinc Eye Brow Mousse - Dark Brunette $35.95
This eyebrow mousse is water resistant and it will not smear off your brows while the formula is designed to moisturise and enhance your brows. As per product claim, it did fill in my browns nicely, I like my brows to look really natural and lightly filled so I don't look too angry - the formula is extremely buildable. It did not fade or run and survived through sweaty humid days as well as rainy days (and I often forget my umbrella). I'm not sure whether I felt the moisturisation, but I definitely did appreciate the fact that my eyebrows didn't fun off my face as I walked in the rain or under 40 degrees sun. This mousse is removable in the shower with a cream cleanser or make up remover.

Blinc Liquid Eyeliner Pen - Black $35.95
If you are looking for liquid liner that stays all day and doesn't budge when you rub your eyes, doesn't run or flake .. this is it. This liquid liner is designed for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. My fairly sensitive eyes did not experience any irritations. In addition, My lids can get quite oily and I often witness liquid liner being transferred to my crease. I wore this through a 9 hour working day and it stayed put. As promised, it did not flake, fade or run. The pen allowed me to draw both thick and precise lines with ease. Removal is extremely easy and comes off by gently rinsing my lids under water. If you are using a cream cleanser, it will slip right off. This liner proved to be very pigmented on my hands, but on my lids, I had to apply two layers for the blackest black. 

Blinc Mascara Amplified - Black $35.95
Although my extremely straight and uncurlable lashes did not experience the glamourous lashes I was hoping to with this mascara. I loved it nonetheless, why? Because it's a smudge-proof, sweat-proof, rain-proof, watery-eyes-proof, flake-proof water resistant mascara that DOES NOT require make up remover. The tube formula will come off in lukewarm water, you won't notice any smudges or residule content around your eyes. This mascara gave me very natural lashes, and I love wearing it on my lower lashes - no more smudge fears. Unfortunately, it wasn't able to maintain the curl, it did save me from mascara smudging embarassments .. and that's much more important for me. I also no longer need to sacrifice my lashes by wearing waterproof mascaras. I feel that it did a decent job at volumising and lengthening.. I have worn this for the past 2 weeks.. and have many mascaras to polish off but finding it difficult to part from this.

Blinc eyeliner and mascara

Blinc Brow Mousse

My brows are quite bushy and sparse, like my steak, I don't like them well-done and prefer "medium-rare", hence the half-filled-sparse natural look (otherwise I'd look really cranky), I usually use a greyish brow powder or pencil but dark brunette worked really well.

Have you tried Blinc?

 *These products were provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own


  1. I never tried this brand before the products looks good
    but for me are a bit expensive


  2. Yes! Blinc was a brand I didn't know much about but I've come to love their eyeliners a lot. The brow mascara seems perfect for my sparse brows so I'll have a look into that :)


  3. I've never been one for daily mascara or brow application, but since discovering blinc cosmetics, I'm obsessed and use it everyday.... I love the fact that the brand is vegan and that I don't need make-up remover. But what I'm really stoked about is that my sparse eyebrows are growing back!

  4. I hear you - no one ever tells you that your mascara and eyeliner on your upper eyelids are now on your eyebag... no one ever does! Bahhh - I've completely stopped using mascara and eyeliner because of this.

    But the Amplified mascara sounds really good! I like mascaras that melt off with a bit of warm water

  5. Love me some Blinc! How awesome is that eyebrow mousse? And that eyeliner, while great, could be a little darker.


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