Sunday, December 27, 2015

Review: Spot Medic Pimple Mask

Acne treatment has come a long way, in high school a classmate told me her trick was to pop the pimples before they come to maturity. Youtube recommended lemon juice, tooth paste and aspirin mask while my mum recommended milk... however, I reduced to popping.

Spot Medic is a New Zealand company that will keep your popping nature at bay. I came across a similar adhesive hydrocolloid masks by Nexcare in Hong Kong a few years ago and it was not available in Australia. I am so glad that this innovative invention is now available in selected Woolworth across the country.

How to use:

1. Clean and dry the affected area(s) - best to use this at night, before bed
2. Place a piece of the adhesive mask over the top of the pimple (effective on pus-filled pimples only)
3. Sleep and you'll notice the patch turn white overnight, drawing out all the pus!
4. Gently peel the mask off then cleanse and dry the area.

Price: $14.95
Quantity: 36 gel plaster per sheet, 1 sheet per pack

My Verdict
  • The process is similar to Nexcare, although I find the texture of Spot Medic to be a little bit firmer, whereas Nexcare was more rubbery. Nonetheless, Spot Medic is still very easy to apply.
  • I applied this on a small pus-filled pimple over night and everything was sucked right out the next morning. I applied an adhesive to a massive pus-filled pimple residing on my partner's chin, most of the adhesive turned white (pus absorbtion). However, the adhesive did not absorb all pus and we had to use a second adhesive. Which was fine for him. If it were me, I would probably get impatient and just pop the darn thing - which would result to another enlarged pore. I personally feel that the absorbtion power is not as strong as Nexcare, but it is still a decent product!
  • I did not experience any irritations with this product and feel that it would be ideal for all skin types and of all sexes/ages.
  • If you are a pimple popper and would to put an end to it, this is the product for you. Spot Medic is also great to keep around the house, just in case you wake up with a pus-filled pimple!

As always, here are some application photos on my partner.

Shop here:
    Do you pop your pimples?
 *This product was provided for my consideration, all opinions are my own


  1. Wow! It looks very effective!! I would benefit with one of those sometimes! I always seem to hit or rub against a pimple when it's there. So annoying!

    xo Kat @ Katness

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  2. I'm a pimple-popper from way back! Thankfully I no longer have many pus filled pimples, but this looks like it would have been great back when I was a teenager. Love how accessible more and more products are becoming here in Aus x

  3. I love products like this, there's a kind of fascinating appeal even though it's a bit gross (sort of like with Pore Strips!). I'll definitely check them out next time I'm in Woolies.

  4. I don't use many pimple spot treatments but wow this one looks so fun to use. I might get a pack of these just to keep around for when the pimples come :)

  5. This sounds like a great product for pimple poppers!

  6. The Woolies I called didn't stock these but you can get them from Priceline :)


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