Sunday, February 28, 2016

Everyday No Foundation Makeup Look

For the past couple of weeks I decided to rock the no foundation look. Particularly in this heat, I felt that foundation was clinging onto my skin and suffocating my face. It's ironic because I am not very confident in my own skin and I usually can't leave the house without foundation. Every pore, spot, mark, acne scar and freckle must be covered before I leave the house.

Although I still need my pores to be covered and some more prominent spots to be masked, I guess this is the transitioning look to make me feel more comfortable in my own skin.


I NEVER leave the house without SPF, I usually SPF every part of my body that will be exposed to the sun. Sunsense is my go to brand, I used Sunsense Daily Face SPF 50+ for the look,  I'm almost done with this sunscreen and it is fab for dry skin. I can't wait to move onto my next Sunsense facial product!


Although this is a no foundation look, I am still self conscious of my pores, spots, hormonal acne and scarring. I haven't nurtured my skin to the point where I feel comfortable walking out without covering the aforementioned. As a result, I'd either use a bit of CC cream , Garnier Perfect Blur or any products of the like to cover my pore-ish areas.. which happen to be around the centre of my cheeks.

I used Bloom's Secret Weapon Concealer Kit to cover under eye circles, redness and prominent spots. This is such a great compact kit with colour correctors, it's small enough for travel and your hand bag.


For the past couple of months, I've been constantly reaching for Colour Theory's Blush in Cheeky Glow, it's pigmented enough to show up nicely on my skin, but it's not overly pigmented to the degree where I cannot swirl my brush in the pan without looking like a clown. This blush creates a naturally flushed look that I love.

In order for my makeup to stay put and my oily T-zone to remain matte, I used Williamspro Zero Powder, another great product that I've been using interchangeably with my Bobbi Brown Sheer Pressed Powder.

EYES AND BROWS (sneaky contour)

I kept my eyes simple, mainly due to some sensitivity issues lately. Loreal Colour Infailliable in Purple Obsession was applied along my upper and bottom lash lines, this is just to give my eyes a bit of a boost and to hide those puffy under eye bags.

Brows was never a thing for me, until I received Rimmel Brow This Way kit I used the wax, sparingly on my brows and the powdery dark brown colour to contour my nose (see video below).


One product wonder, the only and only NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu, a beautifully moisturising gloss that smells good enough to eat!! This is a very natural shade that is pretty much the same colour as my lips but for some reason I am still quite attached to this particular gloss.


From a far, my face looks like I'd have an adequate amount of makeup on my face, but in the close up shot, you can still see some of the blemishes and freckles on my nose and side of my cheeks. I think I'm starting to embrace these spots - however, I'm not looking to house any more orphan freckles!! There's not enough room on my nose!



  1. Lovely, simple and straightforward! And no pesky foundation sweating down your face!

  2. I love your sped up videos! So cute! great no foundation look!

  3. Your skin looks just as beaut in the closeup Lily - methinks you protest too much! Love this natural summery carefree look - good on you, and wish I was brave enough (or young enough lol) to follow your lead ♥

    1. i agree with kat! was going to say the same :) even up close your skin is looked like you were wearing a light tinted moisturizer which is nice. it took me awhile to feel comfortable going out with out any foundation, one product that really helped me was kiehls midnight recovery concentrate. it does wonders on minimizing the pores and making the skin appear smooth, you might like that too :)

  4. So pretty and natural. Your skin looks flawless x

  5. Yay for cutting out foundation! I've been doing this some days too, and my skin feels way better for it, especially in this heat! That NYX Butter Gloss looks gorgeous, I need that in my life!

    Kate |


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