Thursday, February 11, 2016

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guide

If you are after a last minute present for your loved one, I've put together a nifty little guide, just in time to wow your partner this Saturday! For those of you who don't celebrate Valentine's, it's probably time to reward your partner for being a fab pal and making you breakfast in bed *hint hint*.

I know the usual guides are gender focused, well I want mine to be gender free (or I'll try my best!) - my partner and I are both advocates for gender equality, we hate that pink is associated to girls and blue to boys, why can't boys wear pink and vice versa?

Rant over, lets start!


Now you're probably thinking, hang on! How can this be gender-free?! This is for all the face shavers out there, I use to work with a lady who shaved her face, initially she was extremely embarrassed, eventually she learned to embrace this ritual and often spoke to us about her fancy shaving gadgets. I present to you the amazing tool above, Remington Hyperflex Shave & Trim* ($199), the name speaks for itself.


Who doesn't love some good skincare? Since I started beauty blogging ALL the men in our family started to cleanse, moisturise and use bath bombs - including my 82 y.o grandfather. If you are not too sure what to get, try Meet Dermalogica, it is perfect as a travel kit or an introductory set to Dermalogica. Dermalogica also have similar starter kits for different skin type for approximately $54.

I can't talk skincare without some beautiful pampering products from Trilogy - this is perfect if you are into natural skincare... or live near Priceline. Start off with Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask* ($29.95) and prep your skin with Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner* ($26.95), finish off by letting your skin soak in Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Serum* ($42.95). Again, these products are suitable for all gender and ages.

I didn't forget all the Salon lovers, Vaniday is offering gift cards (for him and her) starting from $25 to use at any salon or spa across  the platform throughout Sydney and Melbourne. I had my first day spa experience late last year (I know, I live under a rock), and it was a bliss. Trust me, your partner will love you for it!


I've picked out two gorgeous fragrances, first is Calvin Klein's CK2* ($79-$99) an amazing genderless fragrance that will leave you wanting more, you can share this one with your partner, a squirt for you a squirt for them. If he really want his own fragrance, don't fret, David Beckham's Aqua Classic* ($34.99) is your go to fragrance, it is a fresh, woody yet sweet scent - girls, you can definitely steal this to wear.


If you've always wanted sleek and slim matching watches, check out these adorable looking Boyfriend Watches from Factorie ($24.95), alternatively, it's summer and the Australian sun is a killer, a hat is practical right? Below we have two trendy hats from Factorie (Top: Bloater Hat $24.95 Bottom: Woodlands Hat $29.95)

If all fails, there's always a leather wallet, especially if your partner is difficult to shop for. This flawless Oscar Brown Leather Wallet ($59) is more of a "typically masculine" looking wallet and it may be considered an odd present to give to your girlfriend.. but I guess that depends on who your girlfriend is, I personally had a simple black leather wallet similar to the one below for many years (until I decided to introduce some colour in my life). 


Source: Fan Art by @Stitchimonsta

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, this one is for all the superhero lovers!!!! Deadpool (aka the most anticipated movie this Feb) is now in cinemas. It's a win-win gift even if you are not a Marvel fan, you'll have Ryan Reynold to drool at... a not particularly attractive looking Reynold.. doesn't matter.. Remember, if you have NRMA insurance, you can get NRMA Tix and save up to 35% on your movie tickets (Can't believe I only recently discovered this).

Hopefully you found something suitable to gift your partner this Valentine's (or if you don't celebrate it.. a treat for the weekend!). Stay tuned for my V-Day FOTD post!

*These products were provided for my consideration, a massive thank you to all contributing brands to make this post possible.


  1. Great guide, Lily! Shaving your face... I wonder if she does it daily? That just sounds extremely time consuming.

  2. A fantastic guide!! I love trilogy products, they also make great presents. And the calvin klein perfume bottle looks stunning!

  3. I keep reading about the CK2, must smell it on my next city trip! Have you seen Deadpool yet?


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