Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Nivea Q10Plus Anti Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls Review

Man what a week!

I started yesterday day running around North Sydney seeing clients before returning to the city for a meeting and headed off to Lakemba for another meeting.

This particular client FORGOT we we had a meeting. Luckily mum prepared some amazing home cooking to make me happy when I got home.

Before I get off track talking about all the food I ate, let's have a look at the new serum on the block, Nivea Q10Plus Anti Wrinkle Replenishing Pearls!

  • This serum offers a combination of concetrated Coenzyme Q10 pearls surrounded in a deep moisturising hydrogel of Hyaluronic Acid and Creatine providing the highest concentration of Q10.
  • What is Coenzyme Q10?
    It's an enzyme that occurs in all cells of the body and is responsible for the skin's energy supply for skin repair, protection, regeneration and renewal. Q10 decreases naturally with age, allowing our skin to be more prone to stress and damage.  
  • What is Creatine?
    Creatine is another energy booster that is naturally formed in our body. It plays a vital part in our body's energy metabolism and acts during skin's repair and defence mechanism.
  • With each pump, the pearls break in the head of the product dispenser, activating a fresh formula each time the pump is pressed. Creatine will assist with repair, protect and renew, resulting in visibly younger looking skin.

Price: $29.99 for 40ml


  • I legitimately looked at the bottle for a good 5 minutes, I love the pearls!!! They look so cute hahah. Cuteness aside, I've been using this product day and night after cleansing and toning every night for the past week.
  • Nivea Q10Plus Replenishing Pearls come in a pump bottle that is extremely easy to use. It is easy to control the pressure of the pump, unlike some of my eye cream bottles, where half a bottle of cream sprays out with one pump. Hygiene wise, a pump bottle is my favourite method of skincare and beauty storage.
  • I think it's amazing that with every pump new pearls are crushed - actually I'm not sure whether it breaks my heart that these cute little pearls are crushed or in awe at  how someone managed to engineer this!
  • Once dispensed onto my fingers, it's a jelly/gel-like texture that is very easy to apply and spread onto my face. The product absorbs fairly quickly leaving my face feeling smooth and hydrated.
  • Although the lines on my forehead is yet to disappear, I can feel a difference pre and post application. I have also noticed that it leaves my face nice and matte, yet maintaining the hydration.
  • I love this product, but it has one exception... the scent. To me, it's a little soapy and very very strong. As someone who enjoys very subtle and fresh scents, the scent of this product is too intense. But I still love the result, so I will continue to reach for it!


*This product was provided for editorial purposes, all opinions are my own.


  1. I bought this and have yet to use it yet. So much skincare to get through. Your post is making me want to bust it open tonight! :)

  2. OMG how cute are the little pearls. It's pretty amazing they were able to figure out a way to crush them. It's a shame about the scent but I still wanna try these now! xx

    Jasmine / sweetaholic-beauty.com

  3. I tried this serum recently and love it, this is the first Nivea product which I really like, but I agree that scent is very intense.

  4. What an exciting, fun to use product! Shame about the scent but the pearls are super cute. I'm not usually a fan of Nivea, but will check this out in the shops because I'm curious :)

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