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BRAND FOCUS: Mesoestetic Cleanser, Imperfection Control and Renewing Mask Review

What a week!! I am so glad the weekend is here, the past two week has been dragging and crazy busy. My skin has also been going through some serious hormonal changes - I'm not too sure why, but I literally broke out over night with hundred (exaggerating here) of small pimples on my forehead which later trailed down my face. I'm guessing it's stress related.

I was able to use products to help calm my skin down and sit through the breakout. Luckily I had some high tech products to help me out.

Mesoestetic is a part of Advanced Cosmeceuticals, a Western Australia based provider of premium skin care. They provide products and equipment to medical and skincare professionals such as Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons.


Daily cleansing mousse with a light texture to purify and cleanse blemish-prone and seborrhoeic skin.

Price: $58 for 150ml

My Verdict:
This is possibly the best cleansing mousse I have used to date. You may have read from my previous posts regarding my dislike towards mousse cleansers... my skin is dry and mousse usually dries out my skin. Well, this cleanser is different, it's like nothing I've used before. Following a cleanse with Mesoestetic's Purifying Mousse, I feel that it left a hydrating layer, preventing my face from drying out.

My extremely dehydrated, I often get mistaken for having oily skin - it's actually ridiculously dry, peels with occasional hormonal blemishes. This cleansing mousse left my face feeling very hydrated and didn't do a bad job at ridding my makeup either - just remember to avoid eye areas! The only con is the scent, it smells like a very strong toothpaste?! Not my favourite but I think I can get use to it.


Exfoliating and purifying facial mask for blemish-prone and seborrhoeic skin for weekly use. Provides mechanical exfoliation and cellular renewal for optimum control of oily skin.

Price: $78 for 100ml

How to Use:
Use weekly on clean skin, avoiding contact with the eye contour and leave on for between 5 and 10 minutes. Massage in gently so that the micro particles can sweep away impurities. Rinse.

My Verdict:
Another high quality product. This is possibly my favourite out of the three Mesoestetic products. I have been using the renewing mask on a weekly basis for a few weeks now and it's been doing amazing things to my skin following each use. My skin feels smooth and clean ... like every single pore on my face has been cleaned out.

When I went to Dermalogica to get my face mapped, I was told to avoid regular exfoliation due to my dehydrated skin. So I really like the fact that this is an exfoliating mask, I gently exfoliate when applying the mask onto my face and leave the mask on for about 10 minutes before rinsing. The mask itself is very gentle and great for sensitive skin. I love using this mask before an event or applying makeup, my skin feels plump and my pores appears a little less visible.

This is a mask for people of all skin types and I dare say, among one of the best masks I have used.


Specific, local treatment for emerging or rebellious blemish breakouts. The innovative pigments in the formula have a modulated, progressive, concealing effect controlled by the movements made during application which make it possible to adapt the treatment to different skin tones. At the same times, the complementary effects of the components of m.acne complex™ quickly reduce redness and swelling caused by blemishes.

Price: $78 for 10ml

How to use:
Locally apply a small amount of imperfection control to clean, dry skin, using gentle circular motions to build up the colour and evenly cover the affected area.

My Verdict:
It took me while to get my head around this product. I wasn't sure whether it was a pimple treatment product or a concealer.

This Imperfection Control doesn't conceal like your traditional skin toned concealers. I've been using this everyday for a week and from my personal experience, I feel that this product blurred and mattified  my blemishes, it doesn't erase redness. I have been testing this product on 2 of my giant pimples, one reduced after a few days of use - pus free; the other developed a very minute amount of pus and calmed with redness still visible. My pimples can get quite big, red and smooth, making it extremely difficult to cover as concealers/foundations would slide right off. I feel that my pimples are more easily concealed with makeup after a thin layer of Imperfection Control.

I did see some of the pigments within Imperfection Control during use, the most visible was a reddish pigment. However the colour of the product itself is white and pretty much applies somewhat opaque.

It's so difficult to capture a before/after photo, but above is a part of my nose, if you look past the freckles you might see some little patches of redness, those are small pimples - there's also a little bit of shine on my nose. Once I applied the Imperfection control, the surface of my nose became matte, smooth and pore free. I am still yet to work out whether this is the effect that I am suppose to experience, I have been applying the content in circular motions but can't seem to maximise the effect of the pigments.

OVERALL... I am very pleased with Mesoestetic, although I feel that I need a bit more time with the Imperfection Control as I don't feel that I am experiencing the full effect.

I can understand that Mesoestetic is a little bit dear, but I can see why, it's high quality.
Mesoestetic may not be Chanel or Dior, but the science is there and it delivers. If you are looking for high quality products or an effective product to control your oily skin... Mesoestetic is a brand for you to consider.  My personal favourite is the renewing mask :)


*These products were provided for editorial purpose, all opinions are my own.


  1. The mask and the cleansing mousse sound amazing! Thanks for highlighting this brand, I'd never heard of it before.

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  2. I've never come across this brand before either! The mask sounds great!

  3. All new to me too Lily - the mousse and mask sound SO good, thanks hon xxx

  4. Great that these are helping with your acne. Adult acne is def no fun! I have found that hydrating my skin as much as possible helps me with breakouts. Apparently I have oily but dehydrated skin and the dehydration is making me produce too much oil causing breakouts. Another reason I add beauty oils to the regimen.

  5. Great review Lily! I hear ya with the dry skin and hormonal breakouts. These sound like amazing products. The mask sounds like it would be right up my street x

  6. Wow, the mask and imperfection control sounds great! Bit $$$ for me, but sound like top quality products.

  7. Seems like it may be the products I currently need, Im going through some skin changes as well and I cannot understand why and nothing I am using is calming it down.


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