Saturday, June 25, 2016


I recently attended Yoga by the Sea with Rexona and Social Soup. It was on a day where flooding had been predicted and I was flood ready with my thongs (even though the sun came out towards noon!). The event took place at Tamarama SLSC with windows facing the stormy sea. It's been a while since I have done Yoga and I did struggle through a couple of poses, but our instructor was incredibly soothing and went around correcting postures throughout the session. Now that's what I call a proactive Yoga instructor! Following the hour long Yoga session, we were treated to coconut water and had some time to pick up our box of goodies and yoga mat.  

Following the Yoga session were invited to hang out with Soup at Panama House to get to know each other and network with Soup and all the lovely ladies at the event. We had a chat about Soup, vegan restaurants, Rexona and exchanged handles. Not to mention the food was absolutely delicious! I ordered a chai latte (with actual tea chai leaves, not sugary powder) and corned beef hash brown (which was a first for me!). Panama House is highly recommended!

Group Photo by Kahlia @ Soup
Wasn't kidding, I really did wear thongs!

We were give some Rexona products to trial, this range is clinically tested, one of the ladies I met at the event advised that it actually minimises sweating! I gave two to mum, ever since we got our arm pits lasered we started sweating more and began to experience body odours. Due to the ridiculously cold Sydney weather, I've haven't had the chance to really work up a sweat, but I will go for a run soon and hopefully these babies will keep all the sweat and odours at bay!

And back home, there's mum doing her stretches :)

This was such a fantastic and productive event, I certainly never get up to do Yoga at 9am on a Saturday, so Thank you Soup and Rexona! It was wonderful meeting all the lovely ladies and Kahlia and Belle from Soup!

Disclaimer: Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Soup and Rexona.


  1. I love Rexona Clinical Protection, I have found it to be the best deodorant I have tried. :D Looks like a fun event. I am useless at Yoga, so that would have been an experience! haha. :D xoxo

  2. That looked like such a fun event and what an amazing view you would have had too! That's my kind of workout :) x

  3. What a great event! Sounds like you had a good yoga instructor! Thongs sound like logical footwear if you were expecting flooding.

  4. Wow, that's a different event! I've done studies/trials etc for Soup but never attended a function (probably because there's not too many in Adelaide). How fun!

  5. Terrific idea for a gathering - sounds like you really enjoyed the whole thing, AND scored some goodies, well done Lily xxx

  6. This looked like such an amazing event! and some great goodies (always a great bonus!) xx

  7. Sounds like it was fun, but weren't your toes freezing?

  8. Yoga is so therapeutic! Glad you ladies had a great time and the food looked absolutely delicious.

  9. This sounds like it was a fun event! You can't go wrong with yoga, chai latte and tasty food.


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