Thursday, September 8, 2016

First Impression: ESJ Organic Skincare Range in Lady Gorgeous

The days are going so fast everyday is like a blur to me. I have been hooked on Survivor and extremely angry at Instagram - 100 of my photos disappeared on Tuesday. The most recent100 photos were probably my proudest work, if they rid the first 100 photos I would have been fine! Despite my awful social media experience, out of the blue my favourite Makeup Artist/Guru/Expert of all time, Lisa Eldridge commented on one of my photo. Yes I am a fan girl!

That calmed me down exponentially, to the point I was able to function again and got my act together to removed my makeup. I thought I'd treat myself with ESJ (Emmanuel Sam Joseph) - an organic skincare brand with products designed for those with sensitive skin. The cleanser and moisturiser came in the most beautiful box with rose petals, I use the products and lay them back into the box of petals. You know when you get products with incredible packaging and you don't want to use it, rather just admire it? Well, this is one of them.

Today we will be taking a look at Lady Gorgeous a two step cleanse and moisture set. This set is $89 available from ESJ's website:

Lady Gorgeous - Cleanser 200ml

This is a really gorgeous and gentle cleanser, it cleans my face and rids non-waterproof makeup quite well. The texture of the cleanser is very light weight and lathers up very well. It's also gentle around my eyes. The bottle is gorgeous, however I found it a little bit difficult trying to get the initial pump started with one hand. The packaging is visually appealing, however the best method of use this is to place the container on a flat surface and use one hand to pump.

Lady Gorgeous - Moisturiser 200ml

This moisturiser has a consistency of a lotion (light weight and a little bit runny) and the hydration of a cream. The scent is difficult to describe, like a sweet floral baby powder scent- it's quite strong. Mum think it smells like ice cream (I think it smells far from ice cream)! I have tried this on my face and felt too heavy, I couldn't get use to the scent of the moisturiser on my face, however it makes a good body lotion because the moisturiser cocoons the skin. Personally I like the cleanser better than the moisturiser.


Disclaimer: This product was provided for editorial purpose, all opinions are my own.


  1. That's a real bummer about the photographs - I'm so sorry! When I heard about it, I thought I must have misread it. How terrible! But so cool about Lisa Eldridge! And I've been wondering about this set actually - great review!

  2. Wow that packaging is so different, I love it! Sorry about your photos, if that happened to me I would be devastated!! Jackie - Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins

  3. Oooh the packaging is so unique for a cleanser and moisturiser, at first glance I thought it was perfume! I loved your video demo too, if it does smell like ice cream I definitely need to try it hehe :) x

  4. Such a cute video! I'd buy these products for their gorgeous packaging alone!

    I think your photos may have reappeared on Instagram, you were back over 370 photos. Yay if that's the case!

  5. Congrats on getting Lisa's attention Lily - no mean feat! Interesting about these products - they were offered to me to trial as well and I responded positively, but didn't hear anything after that, but that's life as a blogger hey? Fabulous packaging - what a pity the insides aren't quite as spectacular xxx

  6. Instagram has been glitching badly for me too, I'm so over it! I haven't heard of this brand, I'll have to look into them.

  7. I hope you got your pictures back! Why would they do that?! I've never heard of them removing peoples pictures before. Never heard of this skincare line. I love anything organic and for sensitive skin!

  8. That cleanser sounds nice. Not going to lie, the bottles are nice and all, but I'd still find it weird having my cleanser + moisturiser in bottles of naked women with no heads?
    P.S. Flipping love your nails in the video! And sorry to hear about Instagram

  9. I hadn't heard of this organic skincare brand before. The cleanser and moisturiser sound great and I love the pretty packaging ♡


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