Friday, October 7, 2016

Shu Uemura Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette Swatches and FOTD

Today is our first proper warm day in a few months now. I am buzzing.
I have a work meeting I need to attend next Tuesday and the requirement of entrance is no make up, no nail polish and no false nails.

I had my gorgeous mani done by Vaniday last weekend and it's still in pristine condition (so sad!) and no makeup... eeeep!! I am so use to putting on makeup before I go out on most days, especially if it's a working day, I honestly cannot even imagine not being able to wear makeup to work.

Before I have to face the world without anything on my face, it's time to indulge!


Shu Ueumra recently introduced a brand spanking new limited edition Tokyo Doll Eye and Cheek Palette. This palette comes with 10 GORGEOUS shades (including 2 matte cheek colours) that will create two Tokyo inspired looks. Perfect for travel and on the go.

DAY: Inspired by Tokyo's Cherry Blossoms, the day look will provide you with a healthy glow using casual nude tones.

NIGHT: When you are ready to transform, allow the mysterious Tokyo Streets to whisk you away with a feminine smoky look using cool smoky tones and a pink blush. The ultimate look for a night out.

Don't stop there, this beautiful palette is enclosed in an equally stunning limited edition pouch designed by Tokyo artist, Feebee.

RRP $128


Since I have only used this palette a couple of times, this won't be a full review, rather I will give you my impression. The shadows are really finely milled, smooth and velvety! I've worn it for 8 hours and it passed the test, the colours did fade slightly, however no creasing in sight, zilch. In fact, the shades still looked beautiful on my lids. I was beyond impressed!

I'd say that the pigmentation is good in my books, it's not overly pigmented and provides a decent pay off (this may not appear to be the case with the swatches below, but I do one touch swipe and swatch). I have a fair share of Japanese cosmetics, and I find that Japanese eyeshadow are usually not as pigmented as say...Hourglass. Japanese brands seem to cater for natural and wearable looks (which fits into my FOTDs perfectly). I absolutely LOVE that this is a two-toned palette, because I will be taking this onto the cruise with me :)

The only con I experienced so far is that I did find some bits of eyeshadow falling onto other eyeshadows or blushes after use (which I suppose is typical of palettes), so I like to take a deep breath and blow off any loose/excess bits of shadow/glitter from the surface to avoid cross contamination.

Overall, the colours appeared very flattering on my lids. The two lightest shades can be used as a highlighter (as shown in my video below). And don't even get me started on the sparkles, urgh so pretty.

I decided to go with the day look (gold sparkle and peach blush) to match my mani.

SWATCHES (one touch swipe and swatch)

All products used in this video were from Shu Uemura Tokyo Girl Eye and Cheek Palette with exception of the following:
- Brow pencil
- Lip Balm
- Mascara

*This product was provided for editorial purpose. All opinions are my own.


  1. These look incredible!! I love the shades and I can't decide which color scheme I love more

  2. This is a totally gorgeous palette! And don't you look beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous palette and I love the looks you created. Stay strong for this meeting!

  4. These look really nice!! That meeting sounds intense! Good luck xx

  5. What a great little palette! No makeup or nails to a work thing!? I'd probably call in sick. lol

  6. That palette looks beautiful!! Good luck with the meeting, no makeup and no nails, that sounds awful haha
    Jackie (Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins)

  7. This palette is beautiful, all shades are wearable but it is too expensive for me. Good luck with your no make up work meeting.

  8. Such a pretty look Lily - the palette is gorgeous, and I'm really impressed with your mascara xxx


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