Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Antipodes Breakfast @ Haven, Surry Hills

Antipodes is a re-occurring brand on my blog, I can't speak highly enough of their products and brand ethics. I was lucky to have recently attended a magnificent intimate breakfast with Antipodes at Haven, Surry Hills. We met with the Digital and Social expert for Antipodes, Katrina McClelland to learn all about Antipode's journey to expand their footprints internationally.

Antipodes uses 100% natural ingredients with at least 70-95% certified organic ingredients, they are also 100% AGAINST animal testing. As most of us may know, in order for brands to sell in China, animal testing is a prerequisite. You may or may not know this, but Antipodes maintained their brand integrity and philosophy whilst successfully tapping into the Chinese market. Antipodes run a Chinese website for Chinese consumers to shop online. As we are now knees deep in a digital age, there is a never-ending demand for one click online shopping, this strategy is more than fitting.

China's appetite for commodities and personal care products is phenomenal, we saw how the pawpaw ointments literally flew off our shelves as consumers used "daigou" (Australian shoppers purchasing on behalf of Chinese consumers) to purchase popular and luxury items. There is a hunger and growth for natural and organic products in the beauty industry, and Antipodes, I dare say is in the forefront. I am super proud that Antipodes, against all odds were able to invite Chinese consumers to experience their gorgeous products without having to test on animals.

Antipodes' initiative proves that there is always a way!

As always, let's wrap up this post with some food photos. I have been to Haven twice and never tried their infamous waffles! This time I had to and didn't regret it :)

I cannot wait for 2017, Antipodes as a brand has so much more to offer and share with us. There will be some exciting launches from Antipodes in the new year, so stay tuned!

*Lily not Louise attended this event as a guest of Antipodes.


  1. That dessert looks amazing! That distracted me from the brand. On a serious note, the Nirvana body wash looks divine.

  2. This looked like a great event. I still need to try more of the Antipodes range, but their products that I have tried I loved ♥


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